A reveal! My first ever pair of Valentinos!

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  1. I've been a pretty die hard Louboutin fanatic for years now and pretty much built my shoe wardrobe around the brand. I came across this pair of pumps about a year ago that I just loved! I'm a sucker for bows and the price was right, unfortunately my web searching lead to lots of "Sold Out"/"Unavailable" listings. So I gave up.

    Last weekend my mother advised me to search for bathroom accessories for our newly remodeled bathroom at TJMaxx/Homegoods somewhere I hadn't been in years but the hunt for a toothbrush holder lead to the steal of the century!

    The only pair, in my size and for more than half off!
    ValentinoBow1.jpg ValentinoBow2.jpg ValentinoBow3.jpg ValentinoBow4.jpg ValentinoBow5.jpg
  2. LOVE them!!! Congrats!! :love:

  3. Thanks! I love them!
  4. congratulation.... love the bow too :heart:
  5. Amazing pair! There's nothing like a Valentino bow. Congrats!
  6. I absolutely love these with that over-the-top V bow...that's one of my favorite V bow styles. congratulations on getting your first pair of valentinos at such a great deal. it was shopping destiny for sure.
  7. Thanks ladies!!!
  8. Stunning:smile:) congrats
  9. Beautiful congrats!
  10. That's gorgeous! I'm looking for a pair of bow pumps too. Great steal!
  11. Thanks so much!!