A Reveal: First YSL Mini Cabas Chyc in Black

  1. Tadah! :yahoo:
    IMG_0610.JPG IMG_0609.JPG IMG_0611.JPG
  2. Lovely.
  3. pretty!
  4. Wow congrats!!! This one actually is on top of my wishlist ... Waiting good news from erica atm ;)
  5. Sooo hot.
  6. Love the mini chyc. Congrats! :biggrin:
  7. LOVE it! Major congrats :biggrin:
  8. :heart: it! Would love to see mod shots ;)
  9. Beautiful! :smile:
  10. Perfect:heart::heart:
  11. Gorgeous! Congratulations!!
  12. wow!!! it's gorgeoussss :smile:
  13. Perfect!!
  14. I finally saw the mini chYc IRL and it's absolutely adorable. It's the perfect size and is so cute. I thought the black would look a bit dull but it totally doesn't. The texture of the leather makes it stand out. :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Enjoy your bag!
  15. Nice bag!!! Congrats... I want it in large size!!!