A reveal but not 100% sure

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  1. The leather looks yummy, also like the fact that it isn`t plastered in big logo`s, no need it looks fab x
  2. thanks for your kind comments...
    Hopefully another reveal coming shortly!
  3. That's Whiskey right? It looks so good on you I'm debating exchanging the Moka I have (but still in box) for Whiskey. The Moka is beautiful and subtle, but so subtle that I feel like it will disappear into what I'm wearing outside of summer months. The Whiskey pops perfectly with your outfit!
  4. yes whiskey, it's a very versatile colour
  5. Congrats, rachiem! Your marcie is gorgeous and you look fabulous carrying her.
  6. that's a fabulous bag - so happy it's grown on you - I'm sure it will be the first of many more chloes!
  7. i LOVE this shape the best on the marcie !! congrats :heart: