A reveal but not 100% sure

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  1. #1 Oct 8, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
  2. [​IMG]



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    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
    Rachiem, I know you're on the fence but I really like it on you. I know how you feel, I'm still debating a Large Marcie but this looks to be the Medium, right? It is a good size on you and the color is really good, it's like a neutral with a "pop". That's the Whiskey, right? I don't know why Whiskey looks redder in the stores and yet when I see it on you it looks so great. I'm thinking this might be my favorite Marcie.
  4. The color is beautiful and the bag looks great on you.
    Is this the small or large size, from the photo's I'm think it might be the small. I've been trying to find the right Marcie, just ordered and received the large hobo in Cocoa, and I've noticed the same thing about the zipper, as well as the way it hangs when on the shoulder, it seems to want to tilt (or not hang right), but mine is the large, so it is bulkier. Although, I haven't tried mine with my things in it, as you mentioned it may squash down. Some of the other gals have the hobo and love it, so maybe it's just a matter of wearing it so that the leather conforms a little more.
    It is a gorgeous bag.
  5. thanks guys. Well the labels have come off and it's had it's first outing.
    It's perfect! Light, nice size and it feels "special" (if that makes sense)?
    The leather is so much nicer than my Mulberrys...
    Oh no...Maybe a Paraty next!
  6. You will LOVE the Paraty but that Marcie is definitely my favorite, it really looks good on you! If I had chosen that one I probably wouldn't be having my dilemma of keeping the Marcie or getting another Paraty!
  7. Congrats rachiem its gorgeous- I'm still carrying my Marcie since I got it on Monday, I told you the colour was great -the pictures don't do it justice its not all orange IRL.
  8. Your pics made me go for mine Aprilmay.
    The colour is gorgeous. I'd decided to go for the hobo though as I tend to be better with one strap on my shoulder. Surprisingly there's lots of clearance when worn on the shoulder too.
  9. Congrats rachiem on your decision, I know you will enjoy it, a gorgeous bag!!

  10. Glad to be off service;) Enjoy which I'm sure you will! Congrats
  11. Gorgeous bag Rachiem. I am also over from Mulberry and debating about a Chloe. :biggrin:
  12. hi SM, the leather is of a higher quality than the new Mulberrys (imo)
  13. It's gorgeous!! Love the color and the shape - Congrats!!!

    I just bought a Black Medium Paraty from Hgbags - I am totally in love, you should go for that next!
  14. hi rachiem, thats a stunning bag..congrats! i definitely agree that chloe leather is as good as the old darwin leather..the leathers very durable, no need to spray and great in rain...

    i think mulberry has become too common now, it seems like wen i go into central london every 1 in 8 ppl are carrying one...they don't feel as special as they used to, so i'm also venturing further into other brands....
  15. Congrats - style and colour are amazing!