A Reveal and Question for BV Ladies

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  1. Well, I have strictly been a Mulberry girl for a few years now, but thanks to a wonderful lady named Kroquet who introduced me to BV, I have received my first from Lovehandbags.co.uk, a very gently used gorgeous chocolate brown beauty!!

    I'll do a slow reveal . . .

    This is how Sam at Lovehandbags sends you your bag, it's fabulous.

    BV in Box.jpg

    Then you open the box. . . .

    BV box open.jpg

    She's still in her dustbag . . . .

    bv in bag.jpg

    And here she is . . . .

    Beautiful BV.jpg

    I will post the picture that I took off of the website, it's much better than the pictures I can take with my iPhone.

    I cannot get over how soft the leather is on this bag, she is in beautiful condition and I am so thrilled to have my first BV bag.

    Can anyone help me and let me know what her name might be????

    Thanks so much, so happy to be here!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

    :heart: Mombug:heart:
  2. Here's a better picture of her in all her glory:


  3. Welcome to the BV club!!!! Let me warn you, one BV Is never enough!!!!!!

    congrats on your beauty! the leather looks utterly to die for! may we please have some modelling pictures? :smile:
  4. Now that's a style I've never seen. I like it! Congratulations and enjoy!
  5. Love it!!! It is a gorgeous bag. Looks just like chocolate! Welcome Mombug!
  6. BTW - I love the fabric on your chair! Maybe Jburgh will know th name.
  7. Thanks for the welcomes, ladies!!!! I hope someone can identify this beautiful stranger!!
    Will definitely do some modeling pics when the light is better in the house. Gets dark so dang early!!!!
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    Kroquet, that's my chair, I'm a little archie bunkerish about it. If someone sits in it, I pace until they leave.
  9. :roflmfao: LOL! Lovely bag! I don't know the name but really like it.
  10. So unique! Congrats and welcome!
  11. ooh very cute! congrats
  12. Congrats on your 1st BV. BV is addictive, I am sure there will be 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc bags in future. :smile:
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    Mombug - I don't know the name, but it looks like a delicious little chocolate wrapped up and tied with a bow! Me likey. :graucho::drool::graucho:
  14. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I feel an addiction coming on!! I don't know what will be next, but there will definitely be something!! Jburgh, when I first saw this little lovely, all I could think of were Hersheys Chocolate Kisses. I have never in my life felt leather this soft. When I take her stuffing out, she collapses into a pile of mush. :heart::heart:
  15. A beauty. Congradulation!