A reveal and it's not Mulberry...

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  1. Being a Mulberry buyer, I'm now in to a new brand Chloé. I never see Chloé in real live but all of your lovely pictures on the forum made me curious. So I took the step and sold a few bags for these beauty's. They where delivered safely in a box from 2 different websites and I was very happy! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460619359.192984.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460619385.754037.jpg
  2. Another picture... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460619472.704587.jpg
  3. And now.....the reveal ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460619555.688678.jpg
  4. Wooo....nice set! :smile::smile::smile:
  5. Wow! So glad you are pleased with them.

    And matchey matchey looks so chic!

  6. What a nice pair! Congrats & Enjoy!!!
  7. They looks really nice congratulations!
  8. Thank you very much, took them out for the first time today, the Marcie was so comfortable to carry on the shoulder. I like the 3 options to carry her..so versatile.
    I feel that I'm going to use her a lot!
  9. Congratulations - you have made an excellent choice with your lovely Marcies!!
  10. Fabulous, enjoy them ! ( we are bag twins :smile: and i to have defected from Mulberry )
  11. Thank you, love the Marcie..I'd love another one in tan
    I don't like the new collection from Mulberry...the only thing I'm hoping to buy is a medium Lily this year, but that's all!
  12. Sorry for being late to your reveal. You got some real beauties here. I am glad that you like them - buying unseen is always a risk.
    I am with you on the new Mulb collection. Next buy for me is a medium Marcie. Just haven't decided about the colour, yet. Tan or dark blue. Or both?

  13. Dark blue!!!!

  14. If you can, both
  15. Congrats on your gorgeous marcie set and the leather is gorgeous!