a reveal and a question

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  1. i just wanted to introduce my new orange cabat, sz medium in goat skin. but my BV store is very new and my SA wasn't exactly certain of the name of the color....help, is this orange or copper? Doloresmia posted a photo in the Cabat reference thread, and it almost looks like the copper one on page two...it's labeled 2008 but just purchased her a few days ago! thanks! :yahoo:

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  2. Congrats on your new bag! It's definitely not copper but I don't know the name of the color :shrugs: Beautiful orange color!!!
  3. o wow!!! :drool: what a beautiful bag! i love :love: your bv flats too!!! congrats on this beauty!
  4. Nice orange! I just saw this bag in the store but forgot to ask the name of the color.
  5. Cant help you with the name but what a great color! congrats! oh and i like your bv flats too!
  6. WOW!!!
    Major Congrats.....
    Love the orange and blue contrast.
  7. This is beautiful. Not sure of the actual name though.

  8. just gorgeous, congrats!
  9. That is a beautiful bag! No idea of the color, I am a BV novice.
  10. Oohhh, very nice! It looks to me the burnt orange (shiny version) from cruise 08/09.
  11. you could call the boutique to ask them. i have no idea, but it is gorgeous! sorry to be so unhelpful
  12. Wow! It's fantastic. I love orange! Enjoy!
  13. #13 Jan 27, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 30, 2009
    that was my game plan. the SM is out for a few days but i left a note for her, and my SA is a doll, he'll figure it out...i think it is the same as the goatskin in this bag below, which is from S/S 09 for certain:


    they are calling it burned Orange and my cabat looks identical to the orange in this bag! thaks everyone! i LOVE this color!!!

    mid, i did a little online research and i think you are correct! Thanks! :heart:

    thank you noon, i practically live in in them! i want them in cobalt now, and the new peep toe style in white! ;)
  14. Wow, it´s gorgeous! I totally envy you....
  15. Stunning color!