A REVEAL: 3 Days in Paris...3 Boxes from FSH

  1. Thank you, KellyObsessed!!

    Thanks for your kind words, mummy.carol!! :winkiss:

    Thanks so much, xiangxiang0731!!
  2. Thank you, ceci!! I do feel very lucky and content to have found the items on my wishlist! And, yes, seeing the BE Croc Medor w/diamonds was quite an experience! :smile:

    You are right, memo. My trip was quite productive indeed! ;) Thanks for the kind words!!

    Thank you so much, littleblackbag!! :winkiss:
  3. Pearl lady, you have great taste!Thank you for sharing. Love your Kelly!
  4. Thank you so much, MaggyH!!

    Thanks, macaroonchica93!!

    Merci beaucoup!! :winkiss:
  5. Thank you, Hed Kandi!!

    Thanks, ilovenicebags! :smile:

    Thanks so much, GUCCIhoochie!! ;)
  6. Thank you, BirkinBrains! You are too sweet!! :winkiss:

    Thanks so much, ScubaHound!!

    Thank you kindly for the compliments, alecmargaret!! :smile:
  7. Thank you, scarfmischief1!!

    Thanks, Keekeee!! :winkiss:

    Thank you so much for the compliments, amd_tan!! TBH, when I first saw a photo of the Egee, it didn't appeal to me much. However, after seeing it in person, I fell madly in :love:!!!
  8. Thank you, lulilu!! Yes, I feel very fortunate to be able to visit Paris a few times a year. :p

    Thanks so much, MrsRance!! And, congrats to you on your MAJOR score!!! :tup:

    Thanks, azoreh!! :winkiss:
  9. Thank you, Pinky_Loca!! :winkiss:

    Thanks, chanelchic2002!!

    Thanks so much, Joy333!! ;)
  10. I know I am late to the party but I can never ever tire of orange Hermes and I love the skin of your gorgeous Kelly. Fabulous. Congratulations...am thrilled for you. Maybe next time, you can get the diamond one. :yahoo:
  11. You are too kind, sparklelisab!! :hugs:Certainly would be a DREAM COME TRUE to own a H masterpiece...
  12. Thank you, bjorn!!

    Thanks so much, Mree43!!

    Thanks for the compliments and for joining in on my reveal, VnSoie!! ;)

    You are too sweet, Sushibear!! Thank you!!! :winkiss:
  13. OMG! I love all your purchases! Such great pieces, in such great colours!!! Congrats!
  14. Pearl Lady, congrats! OMG!! You are so lucky! makes me wanna fly to Paris now!
  15. Thank you for sharing. Fabulous!