A response to Benjamin

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  1. #1 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    In 2002, Mr. Harnett published the following in the Columbia Review:

    After the Vacation
    Your white blouse, Carlina,
    who ironed it with so much care?
    A handkerchief is no fresher,
    no better pressed
    when returned to a school-mate
    borrowed after yesterday’s nose-bleed.
    Was it you who took such pains?
    Already Fall, Carlina,
    and September, Autumn’s May,
    time to put back
    the capital “L” into love.

    Here’s my response:

    After the Three Day Weekend
    My Ramone cuff, Benjamin,
    who paid for it with so much care?
    A cuff is no shinier
    no better made
    when sent late to a customer
    who financed your spring line.
    Was it you who took my money?
    Already late winter, Benjamin
    and the Autumn Line has yet to Ship,
    time to put back
    the capital “N” into now.
  2. :urock::true::goodpost:

    Love it Chez!!!
  3. :goodpost: Very Creative Chez!! :urock:

  4. omg. that's awesome, chezmadame!
  5. Nice!

  6. :ps::ps::ps::ps:
  7. :woohoo:
  8. Haaaaaaaaahaha. Also am now envisioning Ben Harnett doing the ironing.
  9. Brava..perhaps you should post it on his FB page..as an "Eulogy to HH"....although it is not laudatory..and appropos of BH's poem..I'd be happy to lend him the ecrit scarf that was shipped in the wrong color..to wipe his nosebleed..(no..I'm not threatening a beatdown..just envisioning it)..I'd even iron it afterward..pleats and all.

    LOL..yes..BH doing the ironing..with no starch..of course.
  10. Love it, Chezmadame!

    So many creative, intelligent ladies in this forum! I'm in awe. :woohoo:
  11. This is AMAZING, CheZ!!!!!! BRAVO!!!! :woohoo:
  12. Werd. :true:

    (Although, don't get me started on how scared I am that people will find my old published poems :biggrin:)
  13. He didn't actually write the poem, he just translated it from Italian.

    Kinda like, he doesn't actually design anything, he just screws around with our orders.
  14. ^^^^OMG, you're HILLAIREOuS!!!! <gawf><sniggle>
  15. Ooh, they're published??? <off to search....> j/k


    I used to write HORRIBLE poetry when I was an angst-ridden teenager. Oh gawd, it was awful.