A request to the mods...

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  1. Would it be possible for the actual mods to indicate in their signatures that they are mods? That would be wonderful. Thanks.
  2. You can click "View Forum Leaders" at the bottom of the home page to see a list of Mods. Also, I believe their user names all show up in color (orange, pink, or red) instead of black to show that they are a Mod. Hope that helps!
  3. Thank, that's helpful! I guess I did notice the different colors but the significance didn't register to me.
  4. If you need anything, you can always PM me :yes:
  5. I am going to move this to feedback drop box k!
  6. :yes: our names are in color:biggrin:
  7. Just thinking though that for ease and to avoid confusion, it might be good to have "Moderator" somewhere on the profile info that appears in posts. Forum newbies may not realize that a color indicates a mod. Just my .02!
  8. mine said it but Vlad snuck the big guns smiley in there when I wasn't looking ! LOL!
  9. I'm not sure what a mods duties are, but I figure if I just keep on the straight and narrow :smile: I'll have no need to know them for that but just as pals. Just my 02
  10. im pretty sure mods keep everything in order ... they are moderators, right? they keep multiple threads to one, if anyone is rude or uncalled for they shut 'em down etc etc
  11. They do a good job and keep people from making the same mistakes twice
  12. we do little things behind the scenes all day.
    Little things like edit out advertisements, name calling, obscene language. . . also merge topics that are posted multiple times or lend support when people are troubled.
    Amazingly, even w/ over 110k members we only need to be stern occasionally :biggrin: we'd MUCH rather be friends!
  13. Haha, Vlad is a funny guy! Love that smiley :biguns:
  14. he's a goofball. . . now if I could just hack into his profile
  15. LEt's find someone that knows how to!:woohoo: