A Request for Information & Decisions to Be Made

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  1. I am still all over the place concerning colour for my next podium order. Basically I know I want a Kelly 32 retourne with palladium HW however the colour/leather combo is currently confounding me. Initially I wanted biscuit in Togo - great neutral shade, very versatile but perhaps too pale and therefore more likely to get dirty and be a worry for me. I want a pretty bag but an easy to carry easy to wear everyday bag. My second colour preference is graphite. However, as I understand it graphite is only available in clemence and I am not sure if clemence and the kelly style is a great option. If anyone knows if graphite is available in other H leathers or has opinions on Kellys in Clemence I'd be soo happy to hear from you.

    Another thing that has thrown me in my tracks are the options of a dear SA who was really raving about Chevre and urged me to go with the chevre when making my order. I said I wasn't sure that Chevre would be an option for July Podium? Does anyone have any info on whether this thinking is correct?

    If I am really stumped for choices I might skirt around the Kelly 32 altogether and go with the Kelly Pochette or JPG Kelly Pochette. Basic choice swift in ardoise with Palladium HW - cheekier options are Lizard in rouge moyen (but again I'm not sure if this is currently available) or something in chevre.

    Sorry this is a superlong post. I'd just really appreciate your knowledge and opinions on this matter. It's cool thinking about the next H bag but its cooler still when you know whether or not your dream bag will ever be able to become a reality!!

    With Many Thanks:heart:
  2. I am not sure what shade Rouge Moyen, is but I saw a KP in essentially a strawberry lizard yesterday that was TDF. If you decide on the KP, I would go for the lizard. I think you are somewhat limited to less dressy occasions in the swift, whereas in the lizard you can dress it up or down.
  3. I've seen 32 retourne Kellys in clemence and I think they look great. I myself am a fan of clemence tho so that might skew my opinion thus. Is it the size of the grain you're not a fan of or the slouch perhaps? If it's the grain, you can always get your SM to specify "small grain" clemence when writing up your order. Yes, this can be done:smile: I've seen small grain clemence which is very hard to to tell from togo and to be honest, if you can't be there to sniff the leather in person, you really wouldn't know the difference, not from a pic in anycase.

    I think graphite is a really fab colour. It does come in togo but I'm not sure on the availability of it in togo specifically at the Feb podium just past or the coming July one. All I know is that it does/has come in togo recently..

    I LOVE chevre, especially chevre de coromandel for bags. But availability has been VERY limited and my CDC order last yr was knocked back. The SM offered to do it as an SO for me but I declined as I wasn't sure I wanted to wait a long time for it at that time, kwim? There's the new chevre - chevre Mangalore. From what we know from the members here who've reported on this leather, it's only offered in bags in limited colours atm, one being quetsche.

    I really like H pochettes. But no matter which one it is it will be quite different to a 32 Kelly, so you have to first and foremost decide on the bag style you'd prefer for your needs atm.
  4. I believe S'mom has a graphite Clemence Kelly retourne. I don't remember if it was 32 or 28 (or maybe she had both but not at the same time?).
    I think a chevre Kelly would be great but I have heard the same thing about its limited availability.
    A KP is very beautiful in lizard. In regular leather it can be dressy if it's the right color. I dress my black KP both up and down and it can go formal.
  5. I have a vermillion 32 Kelly retourne in clemence and love it. It has held its shape and has a wonderful look. I don't think I'd like it as much in togo.
  6. I do know graphite comes in box as well.
  7. I think Kelly 32 in Clemence is fine. Some people find Clemence leather is slouchy and floppy but this might not be true all the time. It depends on the batch of leather received.

    I just received a Birkin in Togo last week and the leather is very soft compared to the Togo Birkin that I purchased a few years ago.
  8. love chevre! but not sure of the colour for the new chevre mangalor though.
  9. Love chevre too. It's lighter and a bit stiffer than clemence. Looks fabulous in a kelly.
  10. I ADORE my chevre Kelly! For me, it and box are the two PERFECT leathers for a Kelly.
  11. I think what you really need to do is narrow down options and find out what you can order for the size Kelly you desire. Sometimes, certain colors and certain leathers can only be ordered in specific sizes. Then, it becomes more of a special order. That is fine as long as your boutique is willing to do that for you.

    If I had some advice, chevre in a Kelly is wonderful. Very light, slick and sparkling, and ultra luxurious! Hopefully, you can find a color in chevre that you love.
  12. Chevre has been hard to get and you might get you order rejected on that basis alone. I had my order rejected last January because of that! It would be great if you could get, I several bags in chevre and it is lightweight and very scratch resistant.
  13. I too love my chevre retourne Kelly, it's light and has proven to be quite hardy! I hope it won't be that difficult to order in future, my bag is a J stamp.
  14. Rouge garance, gold or etoupe in togo.
  15. Thanks so much all of you kind H-lovers for your considered responses.:heart:

    I have spoken with my SA to narrow down my choices some what.

    Chevre de coromandel - would be of course a special order - and if accepted would take approx 1-2 years to arrive! Chevre is a dream leather for a kelly 32, but perhaps not this time around as I was not too keen on any of the colours he mentioned as being available.

    Okay so there are 2 choices - and I'll probably wait until the last moment to decide, always fun! - a Kelly 32cm in Graphite (this only comes in Clemence in the grainy leathers!). I did see a pic of Shopmom's graphite Kelly and thought it was divine:heart:. Other option is a Kelly Pochette Lezard Rouge Moyen :love:....

    Thanks again for your feedback - hopefully one day I'll get a smarter kelly in Chevre possibly (hopefully) when there's less danger of orders being rejected and of course there's more colour choice.

    To Diva who sweetly suggested etoupe - I'm soo bad I already have an etoupe 35 Togo Birkin on order! :tup::roflmfao: