A request for approval....

  1. Dearest Choo girls,
    I seem to have more time on my hands than expected and would like to grow our reference library. Would it be ok if I went through posts and added your pics to the library? On pictures that are not watermarked, I will watermark with your tPF name, unless it is a stock photo, then I will watermark JChoo. Please let me know ASAP.
    Thanks...your busy bee, jburgh
  2. jburgh -- that is so extraordinarily nice of you to go through and update the reference library! :flowers: I don't think I have many pics posted on here, but you should certainly feel free to use any of them.
  3. Thanks so Much Jburgh:flowers:

    Each time I started to go in and add mine, I got sidetracked or interrupted:sad: Plus, I was trying to figure out how to watermark my photos and I could not get it to co-operate:cursing: and would push it aside.

    I really appreciate your help and I am more than happy to send you any additional photos if you need them:tup:
  4. I only have a couple photos on this board but feel free to use them. Thanks!
  5. Absolutely!
  6. go for it! Once they're posted here, you are welcome to add them to the library!
  7. Hi jburgh, sorry for the slow response in regards to posting my bags in the library. I looked at my Choo pictures I have and quite a few of them are pictures with multiple bags. I will take individual pictures to avoid confusion soon. Been a little wrapped up in holiday preparations and shopping:nuts:. I will get to the pictures this week. Promise!
  8. Wow, such a nice gesture.:tup:
  9. I did a couple of mine. It actually only takes a few minutes. I need to take some pics of mine individually, too.
  10. Jburgh -- wow! You have done an amazing job with the reference library!!! and you have a fantastic JC collection. I have finally figured out how to work my digital camera, so hopefully I will post some pics soon. I'm still struggling with watermarking -- yikes!! Anyway don't forget about the Relay clutch... I think that goes with the other "R" bags. I have one and love it... pics soon.
  11. Yes - it is an "other belted style." Don't forget to put it a color thread, too!
  12. I meant to add mine but I got distracted.