A Reissue OR £1300 worth of clothes & make up


reissue or £1300 in other stuff?

  1. reissue

  2. spend elsewhere

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  1. what would you choose ladies? a reissue that will prove a wardrobe staple? or the price for a reissue in clothes, jewellery, nights out etc? let me know!:smile:
  2. Get the reissue, lili. If you have the chance, get the bag. Clothes, makeup, nights out can all be modified in terms of the amount of money spent. The bag, on the other hand, has a specific value.

    So, which "reissue" you looking to purchase?
  3. You will still wear the reissue in 10 years. The makeup, of course, doesn't last long and there are very few garments you wear over that many seasons. That is how I justify it anyway ; )
  4. The reissue - it will last forever!
  5. reissue!
  6. reissue
  7. reissue!!!
  8. Get the reissue!!!! Always a classic!!
  9. I think you're asking in the wrong place! ;)
  10. Hi lili7 sweetie - I would advise you to get the reissue cos you wld be using it in years to come and makeup will not last that long, plus clothes....hmm....I get tired of clothes quite fast, eps with the wear and tear in terms of washing and ironing....
  11. As has already been said, the reissue you will have and be able to wear in style for years. The makeup will last a couple of years tops and clothes maybe longer if they are staples. Get the reissue.
  12. spend on the reissue and save on the clothes and make up....
  13. I know everyone is saying the reissue (what do you expect, it's a purse forum! :biggrin:).. but if you are not sure about spending the money (hence the posting of this question) then maybe you should not get the reissue. Sometimes I think about how much a bag has cost me and is just astounded.. If you had asked "reissue or a vacation" I would've definitely said vacation. Clothing and makeup.. well, it depends what you like more. Personally, I would go with the bag but that is just because I have more than enough clothes to last me for several lives..
  14. LOL I love how often this feeling comes up in the Chanel forum, but for me at least it's true. However, I always get angry at myself when I spend 1k or more on a bunch of small things instead of buying one big thing. If you're that way then the reissue is your best bet. :biggrin:
  15. bag! it will last forever whereas ur make up and clothes wont