A Rehab/Reveal :)

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  1. Here is my lates rehabbed bag...it actually is in excellent condition for a 13 year old bag, virtually no signs of wear except for the bottom piping, and it is almost not-noticable at all (unless you look really closely) after a few coats of conditioner. Besides that, there was some surface dirt that came off with a cleaning, and the brass was tarnished and needed polished. She cleaned up so great! I added an extra brass tag I took off another one of my bags. Looking forward to using her! (the best part...$17 at my local SA :biggrin:)


    And some mod pics:

    Thanks for all who responded to my post about what to wear her with! Now that I've tried her on I can see just how versatile she will be :smile:
  2. Congrats !
    You did awesome making her like new.... simply gorgeous! :yes:
  3. WOW! :woohoo:

    What a great find and you did a superb job of cleaning/rehabbing! She looks great on you! :biggrin:
  4. Awesome!!!
  5. Gorgeous! Congratulations :smile:
  6. WOW!!! You did a great job! Looks wonderful! And what a steal!
  7. Wow, looks like new! Congrats and enjoy wearing her! :smile:
  8. Wow!! What products do you use? That is an extremely chic and current looking bag!
  9. You did a great job on it, very pretty bag!
  10. WOW great job on the rehab...what did you use?
  11. what a great deal.
  12. LOVELY...she is so sparkly and pretty now!! :smile: Enjoy her, she looks great on you!
  13. Beautiful bag - I would love to find one like her - she so pretty :tender:
  14. Wow!!! You did a great job cleaning her up. She is gorgeous!
  15. The Navy is so Rich and Pretty!!!
    Great Rehab job!!! Congrats!!! I think she will look great with any colors you wear!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: