A Really Old Black Classique in Barneys

  1. Okay--I had a few minutes to kill before meeting a friend for a movie and I popped into Barneys to look around and they had a black Classique in an unveined leather--heavier leather it seemed--really nice--and SILVER hardware! I was really confused and asked the SA who didn't seem familiar with the line (the cards were sealed in plastic and I didn't want to rip the plastic open with her hovering) if it was possible this was an older bag. She looked at the Barney's tag and said it was a return and that's all she knew. It looked real, the rivet things had no notches in the back, but they also weren't flat, but I was thrown by the return thing. What was this?
  2. Im not sure but if I were you, if they have a return policy, buy it post pics for authenticity, if its real your one lucky girl!
  3. Hopefully it wasn't a case of someone returning a fake after buying a real one....
  4. sounds fishy to me... if it were real, then it would be a pretty old bag that was returned. but i would think a store like Barneys would be able to check their merchandise for authenticity before putting it out
  5. But Barney's could be like Nordstroms with returns. I have returned clothing or bags that I purchased years ago. If it has the tag & their tag then you can return it. So it may be possible.
  6. Barney's has a 30 day return policy, so something is definitely odd here
  7. that is definitely weird. my friend is a buyer at barney's here in nyc and she said they would never take back items that are more than 30 days....much less a few years! it might be a fake.
  8. The cards were in plastic? That seems odd.

    Ahh, I wish I could check it out in person!
  9. That's what I mean--it really looked real--yet the cards were sealed in plastic and I knew they wouldn't take a return from 2004. So, I was really confused--BUT--it didn't look like a fake. I wish the SA had been more knowledgeable. I would have liked to have had it if I was certain it were real, but logically, I couldn't figure out how it could be there and be real. But, I couldn't find anything strange about it either.
  10. Interesting.....I would love to see and feel a 04 bag in person.
  11. hmmm another warehouse retrieval?
  12. mocean, What is a warehouse retrieval? Does that mean Barneys has a warehouse of unsold bags from previous years?
    Just wondering. TIA.
  13. i dont think so... just recently there have been girls on here who have gone into BalNY and gotten fall 05 bags - the SAs said they came from the "warehouse" i'm guessing overstock somewhere or something!

    if there was a warehouse full of old bbags i think one of us bal girls on here would have sniffed it out by now!!
  14. Okay--here's the update--it's a fake and it's sitting on the Barney's rack! Seriously! I opened the plastic enclosing the tags today on my way to the NYC Purse Forum luncheon and it was dated 2006-1 !!!! With silver hardware and no notches on the backs of the rivets!!!! And heavy leather for a b-bag--I'm embarrassed to admit this--I liked the leather--it seemed like good quality leather--but--it was on the wrong brand bag!!! (I'm not sure what the leather was like on the real 2004 bags, so it seemed to me possible.) The SA, who didn't really know the line commented on the leather being "different from the others". I told her the hardware wasn't right, that it shouldn't be silver. We both just stood there staring at the bag and then I thought, well--maybe she was waiting for me to leave, so she could get it out of there. So I did. I'll have to stop by and see if it's been removed when I get a chance. Oy vey! First fakes in Bluefly and now a fake in Barneys! (It was definitely a return, the SA from a few days ago said so...)
  15. that's really scary....:amazed: :sad: