A really cool musical group

  1. I have personally meet them and they are wonderful, kind and unbelievably talented chicks. I briefly mentioned them on a couple other threads but since their new CD was just released, I thought I'd mention them again.
    The Ditty Bops are from California and their music has been on Grey's Anatomy several times. They have an amazing sound very ragtime, jazzy, funky and zippy. They juggle, draw, act, play the dulcimer, mandolin, a washboard and more. Their shows are filled with vaudeville-like skits and lots of interaction. They love to talk with fans and they are just as sweet as they are talented and even do ALL the artwork on their website.
    I highly suggest checking out "Sister Kate" http://www.thedittybops.com/songs-play-sister.htm
    "Fish Fry" http://www.thedittybops.com/songs-play-fish.htm
    "My Head's to Big" "Walk or Ride" and "Wake up" were two that were on Grey's Anatomy.