a really bad knockoff coach!! lol

  1. I have to have it!!! LOL NOT!!!!

    Hopefully people will see that this person only has 1 feedback and steer clear! :push:
  2. Didn't a bag come out like this?

    Wow, it's got 19 bids.
  3. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It had me thinking it was authentic, until I saw the signature fabric on the inside. One of the Mom's at my Son's Taekwondo has this purse (only real) and it doesn't have signature lining.
  5. OMG, the stitching and the uneven leather trim made me cry...
  6. Coach did make an authentic Hamptons Weekend Patchwork line but this Fake one on eBay looks like a TRAIN WRECK!! *LOL*
  7. Wow that bag is really bad!!! I can't believe people!
  8. eeeewwww. gross! :throwup:
  9. :yucky: Yuck, it's so ugly!! :throwup:
  10. are people that NUTS???????? can they not see the big fat coach lettering on the front with the C cut off? hahahahahaa people nuts! $140! yeah! have fun with that "smells like the day I bought it with retail tags still attached" non-coach bag! that should be against the law!
  11. :throwup: ack!
  12. Are you allowed to email the seller to warn them that they bought a FAKE?! Is that against eBay rules???
  13. This looks like a first graders art project! My goodness...make it stop!!!
  14. wow, plastic trim, fake hang tag...this one is a real gem!