a real dilemma

  1. ok, not a REAL dilemma but i need advice. i have a tapis volant scarf in the baby blue colorway. very pretty but i'm not sure how me it is., the fact that it's so colorful scares me a little and i'm not sure the colors are that flattering on me. then i got a call from my SA that the alaskan store i go to has the ex liberis that i have been looking for in 3 colorways- 1 of which is GREY! i went and tried it on and :::swoon::: it is so gorgeous. anyway, they are willing to exchange one for the other since, as my SA said, the tapis is sooo popular and hard to find.

    which of course made me want to keep it.

    i really shouldn't. i am poor. i am broke, i bought 2 scarves this week. but maybe, this should be my last extra purchase forever and get it? ahhhhh help!
  2. H, it really *should* not matter how highly demanded and therefore rare the tapis is ... it's no use owning one of these and leaving it as a white elephant. Hold on to the scarf that will give you lots of pleasure wearing.

  3. If you don't absolutely love the Tapis Volant exchange it. Regardless of how "popular" an item is, if it doesn't make you swoon you won't use it as often or as happily. I have been guilty in the past of only getting things because they were hard to find or popular and honestly H, I just didn't get enough use of them to justify the cost.

    BTW, I bought the Tapis Volant in the shawl because my husband and SA were "swooning" over it and SA said it was rare, blah blah blah. It was pretty to look at but not "me" - you know? I prefer more intricate (think Clerc) designs. It sat there unused and I finally sold it at a massive loss.
  4. i know. but i'm sure i'd wear it sometime...
  5. Exchange it. I fully believe that a scarf needs to suit you and that you need to love it in order to keep it. Forget that it's hard to find. I've done this and wound up having to sell some because I just can't justify spending the money on a scarf and having it wallow away in the drawer. Buy ONLY what suits you and that you love and I promise you, you'll wear the heck out of it and never regret the purchase!!!
  6. I know what you can do! Sell it to one of the ladies here who would die for it, and then loan it back and wear it "sometimes" How about that? :graucho: (mrssparkles ducks for not coming up with a proper suggestion)
  7. Every time my SA pulls that "It's rare!" line, I just give him my death stare.:p It's now become a running joke between us.
  8. I have to confess this is an Hermes trap for me. Hermes boutiques are not all stocked equally and I find myself pouncing on things simply because of rarity or newness. It isn't a practical way to be.

    If you LOVE LOVE LOVE it you will wear it endlessly. Don't settle.
  9. I think you should return the Tapis. It's not you and you'll be so much happier having just beautiful scarves you adore!
  10. oy so torn. i am trying to tell myself that if i exchange it someone who REALLY wants it and didn't think they would ever find it can have it and be thrilled.

    which makes me want it more.

    it's so funny because my sa sent me pics of all these scarves and said they were hard to find but yet has 3 of the color i want. i mean, i know 3 is not a lot but still...

    anyone have opinions on tapis vs ex libries specifically?
  11. I know there are those that love the Tapis so please don't flame me..... I think the Tapis (to my eyes) looks best framed. I mean I kept thinking I am wearing a RUG! and of course that made me think of men with hair pieces, etc. The ex-libres is a very Hermes, classic design. Maybe you could get the Tapis Volant in a plisse that would make you swoon? YOU HAVE TO SWOON!!!! Hermes is too great to have without swooning. So let someone else swoon over your Tapis Volant and save your money for another piece that will leave you on the floor swooning and panting.

    I sold my Tapis Volant and put the money towards 2 scarves (Lumieres De Paris) in different colors and I have worn both of those babies at least 20 times each. Same design different color and yet each makes me catch my breath when I see it.

    Again H DON'T SETTLE!
  12. you sold it? where? eBay? did it sell for a lot?
  13. Yeah sold the shawl on eBay for a major loss. Worn once and I lost a lot off of it. Just didn't sell well and took forever so I kept lowering the price.
  14. oh a shawl. very interesting. somehow i keep thinking it would work better in a shawl that a scarf but i don't know. i do think i'll go home, get it and bring it back to the store so we can compare the two, but i do know since i got the tapis i've thought "eh" but since i saw the grey scarf i keep thinking "ohg it's so shimmery!" and "that grey is perfect!" and "i want it!!!"
  15. ^^ I never liked the Tapis in the scarf and liked it better in the cashmere but never LOVED IT! I only wore it the one time to kind of please the hubby and really I felt stiff and uncomfortable in it. I have other shawls so it wasn't the "shawlness" it was the Tapis design itself.

    Some designs speak to you. I love everything Clerc has done and I love the intricate mosaic looking pieces.