A real Chanel lover

  1. OH NUTS. What she has in that big photo is only about 1/3 of her collection!!!!

    I think if I had unlimited resources to buy any Chanel items each season, my collection will look totally different from hers. But that's the beauty of Chanel...
  2. Who is this? (Apologies for my ignorance!)
  3. Love her bags :smile:

  4. Just a girl that loves Chanel ( no one famous).
  5. Oh, thanks! The pictures are cute, thanks for posting!
  6. OMG! That is a great collection! LOVE it! :love:
  7. Wow, that's amazing! btw, who is she?
  8. wow, she could open her own chanel boutique!
  9. i'm jealous. VERy jealous
  10. yup you are absolutely correct. A bunch of LV collectors would have many of the same items, but that is harder to do with Chanel- they make so many different styles.

    How much does the mini flap she is wearing retail for?
  11. I love the picture in the middle with the grand chair surrounded by Chanels. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I knew a guy who's girlfriend had an almost similar collection, but she has a thing for Fendi.

    Absolutely beautiful, I love the Pink Twig bag!
  12. What is that satchel style she is holding in her right hand in the very first picture (which would be the bag on the left when looking directly at the photo)? I am all about the casual Chanel bag but am unfamiliar with the casual collection (besides cambon).
  13. :blink: Wowzas! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink tweed blazer. I need to rob a bank really soon. :roflmfao:
  14. wow that's alot of Chanel! :biggrin: Love the pink tweed!