A rare style reveal. Feat. Dita + Miss Kelly H.

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  1. Hello babes;

    As you may know.. I'm not quite a reveal girl. I really do enjoy reveals from others, as I see it as entertainement (cheaper than a movie ticket ! ahah :graucho: ).. BUT .. When I received them. I knew I had to share since they are truely special and I only know one lady (Dear LouboutinNerd) being shoetwin with me for these.

    But First thing first ... A LITTLE TEASE !


    Well okay... That's a Teese. A Dita von Teese. Actually. But still, look at the feathers.. It might give you a hint on my reveal if you know where they come from ;)
  2. Anemone Plume?! :graucho:
  3. Nope !! Try again ! =D
  4. something peacock?!
  5. I have no idea but i'd wish you'd just show us :P
  6. i'm here! :popcorn:
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    Well.. Then Miss Kelly H. came in and shouted " Does this Twilly make me look fat ? " =D

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    "Nope ! You're just fine " said the little brown box; giving Kelly, a little hug... ;)

  9. :lolots:
  10. :woohoo:
  11. Wow, a live one!
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    Well.. Thanks a lot for joining the thread, I'm glad everyone is having pop corn and fun ... Let's bring it on shall we ? :yahoo:

    I'm super dupper exited since it's a big reveal for me (I would not do such a scene for a pair of black calf VP =D ) aaaand... without anymore wait ..

    Our next clues :


  13. What is it>>

  14. It is... a very unique pair to me... YOTRUCHE 70 ASH GREY


    I'm so in love with the details.. and the color ! Oh lord.. It looked gorgeous in black (with Higer heels) but there... look at the leather scales on the vamp... the peep toe is perfect and it make a trompe L'oeil Lace Up detail from far away ! I'm just in love ! :heart: You you like them as much as I do !!

    I took this pics with my phone.. But will try to post modeling pics taken with genuine camera later :smile:


  15. Those are just lovely!!!