A RARE little beauty showed up....

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  1. on my door step Saturday and I was aghast when I saw the box, yes you know the USPS priority mail box and I MAM inside! I was so WORRIED!!! I wan't even sure my instincts on this mam was correct and I have to say I was never a lover of this leather but now that this beauty is in my hands:nuts: well I am converted! I have owned this leather before but I guess I had to find it in the right color!!

    Of course my camera is malfunctioning but anyone want to take a guess??

    I am also loving all the old school beauites that are verywhere these days and thansk to any of the tpfers that are letting them go!!!!
  2. ^There are a LOT of old school bags showing up these days...some really nice ones just today!

    So MSG...what'd ya get??
  3. Do tell, what lovely have you adopted?
  4. Oh, I have no idea! Tell us!! Or better yet....show us!
  5. I want to see! I want to see!
  6. let's see!!!
  7. :popcorn: Where did you go?????!!!! I wanna see too!
  8. I hope she's okay from that tiny box she was sent in. Let's see! Hope you're doing a photo shoot right now!
  9. me, too! Let's see!
  10. tease! what did ya get?
  11. :popcorn:
  12. Where? What? ;)
  13. I never mean to post and run! :graucho: We just moved and my car dreader is gone....argh!!!!
  14. So this won't replace pics but I got what I thought was a black mam with FDL and blue zipper track.......
  15. The auction desription was vague and well I wanted a black mam but this one is so curious....It has the lovely new handles that are sealed and perfect, I am sure they have been replaced then the blue zipper track is brand new too so somehow this bag was altered which I love but it's an original BLACK STONEWASH MAM with FDL lining and just to top the rare factor, blue zipper tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The leather is scrumptious buttery soft and smooth! A beauty!