A rare find - and I'm soo happy....

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  1. Ever since I saw a photo of this bag here in tpf I've been lusting after it. But they're almost impossible to find, esp. here in Europe. During the last 15 (!) month I only stumbled over one, and that sadly was a fake!
    So I almost gave up and was about to get this great classic bag in azur, when all of a sudden this old lady came my way.

    May I introduce to you my still beautiful Petit Noe in Nomade leather!

    Isn't she stunning, and though she certainly shows signs of her many years, she's in incredible condition - good old days of sturdy leather .
    And the twilly looks cute, doesn't it (different brand, but french after all...).

    Thank you all for letting me share my pleasure
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  2. Very pretty!
  3. congrads and it is in very good condition. Love this classic and elegant style and also natural. Enjoy
  4. Congratulations!! It looks in beautiful condition and the pop of colour from the twilly is very pretty. Where did you find it?
  5. It's beautiful, understated and not something you see everywhere. Not to mention it's in very good condition. Congrats!
  6. Congrats!
  7. I love it, it looks so beautiful!! Nomade leather is hard to come by nowadays!!
  8. Congrats... Stunning piece.. Adore nomade:heart:
  9. Enjoy this lovely bag! I am a big fan of all vachetta bags and cuir Nomade bags. They become gorgeous after many years.
  10. Yes...STUNNING! What a great find and patience on your part :heart:
  11. Gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of the Noe - I have two
  12. Thank you all for your kind words!!
    I am aware of how lucky I was to find this beauty. And isn't it great that the leather already has some marks, so I needn't be afraid and can simply enjoy it.
    It's just like with wrinkles: they're no damage, they add character....
  13. It does have character and certainly, beauty! Congratulations on finding this unicorn. :loveeyes:
  14. I am afraid of two things; clowns and all vachetta bags, with that said this is gorgeous and what an amazing find! Congrats and enjoy your new beauty!
  15. Congratulations :drinks:. Love the color, it's beautiful!