A rare darling Mini Bubblegum pink Twiggy

  1. aww its adorable, i'd love to have it!:yes:
  2. i agree; it's very cute!
  3. i'm so temped to get it but i'm a bit aprehensive about getting it from a seller with zero feedback :girlsigh: does anyone know if the seller is a TPF member?
  4. I agree with you...I'm a little nervous as they have 0 feedback but seem to be very experienced with auction setup. You never know if they are stolen pics...this is a rare bag though so probably not. I'm interest in it for my own collection so I just e-mailed the seller and asked why they have 0 feedback and if the it's the EXACT bag that the winner will receive. We'll see what he/she says:shame: At least they accept paypal.
  5. I know, this is how I feel too.:yes:

    Hopefully we'll know more when she gets back to you. I really hope a PF member gets it!
  6. Look at the location...it says default, default Hong Kong- what does that mean?:shrugs: