A RAOK halfway around the world...

  1. From Dallas, Texas to Melbourne, Australia... :nuts:

    So some of you might have read in one of my threads that I was complaining how Saks didn't ship internationally and there was a B belt I was eyeing. Well a good friend I met through the PF, kneehighz, PM'ed me and offered to get it for me and post it to me here in Australia.

    Just thought I'd share this with everyone and hopefully get a RAOK thread going! I also want to publicly say thanks. :smile: (I already have a little thank you gift in mind...)

    Can't wait to see pics of the belt when she gets it!!! :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo:
    BevsBbelt! 013 (Large).jpg BevsBbelt! 006 (Large).jpg BevsBbelt! 005 (Large).jpg BevsBbelt! 002 (Large).jpg BevsBbelt! 001 (Large).jpg
  3. Omg...... I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It actually goes well with the spy! I wasn't expecting that!!!

    The question now is.... are you going to get one? We can be blueberry spy and B Belt buddies. Lol.
  5. Pictures do no justice! Here it is in contrast with black patent and nappa blueberry;)

    ** this was a test of will power ladies..I have here a beautiful belt that matches my spy AND shoes and I am mailing it to its rightful owner...:biggrin:
    BevsBbelt! 003 (Large).jpg BevsBbelt! 010 (Large).jpg BevsBbelt! 011 (Large).jpg BevsBbelt! 014 (Large)wm.JPG BevsBbelt! 016 (Large)wm.JPG
  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    OMG I can't stop laughing here....!!!
  7. Nice! I have something like this for a PFer in Singapore. I have to say, it was a pain! Three cheers for kneehighz!
  8. ^I can imagine. It was so nice of her to offer her time to do this for me. I'm really touched by how kind some people are. For example I was in class today in the computer labs. Don't get me wrong I am not the type to ask for pity, this didn't come to mind till I got home.

    The class went for 4 hours. An hour in, I started to feel really bad. My stomach started to hurt and I am not exaggerating but it was the worst I had ever felt in my whole life. It was my fault though, I should have had my medicine when I felt the pain come. So for 1.5 hours I was in my seat shaking from the pain alone and hyperventilating (not loudly) at times (I caught myself and took long deep breaths when I did). I couldn't even stand up cos I knew I would most possibly faint. In that 1.5 hours not a single person asked if I was alright.

    So to have something like this happen, i.e. someone who is a total stranger offer their time to you, is a really, really nice thing. Makes me smile. :smile:
  9. That is sooo nice of her! She must be a really nice person and a good friend. Congrats!
  10. thts brilliant!! how lovely!
  11. how sweet of kneehighz! congratulations kavnadoo on a stunning belt!
  12. awwww, the fendi ladies should def do a raok!!!! kav deserves the raok and kneehighz is da B-O-M-B!!!!!!
  13. What happened?
  14. Yes guccisima she is a lovely person. As I am sure a majority of the ladies on this forum are. ;)

    Now I am contemplating getting the matching bag....
  15. wow congracts I love that belt ... its gorgeous and what a nice P'Fer