a RAOK gift from a generous and sweet friend

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  1. she is acshih, one of my good friends at the BBBC thread, and i am so grateful for giving me such a wonderful gift!! Thank you so much again acshih!!! no words can express, really, how much this means to me :crybaby::yes::love::heart::woohoo: actually, it's an early bday gift

    here's the beauty:

    the 2nd pic is me, sorry for the lousy lounge clothes, lol!! and the blurry mirror!! lately, i've been lazy!! :yucky::roflmfao:
  2. How sweet of her, it looks great on you!! Congrats and happy early birthday!
  3. wow what a great friend! :yes: Congrats, and Happy Birthday! :yahoo:
  4. ^^^ thanks guys!! i love it!!!
  5. Congrats! YOu have such a nice friend!!
  6. Looks great.. I bought that for my mom for her stocking stuffer at christmas... and she loved it :smile: i'm sure you'll absolutely love yours :smile:
  7. ^^^ thank you!!! it's really so sweet of her =)
  8. I LOVE swingpacks! Congrats!
  9. What a generous friend you have! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. ^^ thank you gals!! and i have a correction lol!! one of my good friend =p
  11. wow i definitely wanna join RAOK! kidding though a gift like that wouldnt be bad.
  12. How sweet!!! Enjoy!
  13. Very nice!! Enjoy!
  14. what a nice friend!!!!

    ps: clearstatic...love the avatar lol
  15. oh how sweet, Im a fan of coach swingpack. enjoy