A rant at Wells Fargo...UGH I'm so mad...

  1. My bank just sent me over the top...I am sooooooo ticked at them right now!!!! Sorry for my rant, but I need to vent somewhere....LOL

    All my problems with this bank started about 2 weeks ago (around the time I started selling bags and depositing funds and buying more bags)....

    So first their computers crash and transfers between my accounts and lost and then double charged...money went missing the showed up!! Explanation: computer problems

    Then I get a letter in the mail telling me that I've exceeded my limit for how many online transfers I can make from my savings to checking account. Oh..and we're gonna charge $10 for each one over..and we're not going to tell you about it beforehand (you should have read that worthless little book that comes with your account). But hey, if you drive down to the ATM and make the transfers, it's free.

    We're also going to say you can only spend $2000 a day....so when you're at the mall shopping your card gets declined and you have to call the bank. And if you don't know your account number (which I don't by memory and I don't carry checks on me) then we can't help you. Oh and to increase your daily limit I need to transfer in some money from your savings account (and charge you that $10 fee!)

    Then....any purchases you make over the weekend apparently don't clear out and count as one day. So on Monday when you try to purchase something it says you can't because you're over your limit for the day (when in reality you are not...but they haven't cleared out stuff)!

    Charges from 5 days ago still show as pending...apparently counting against your daily limit.

    ARG!!!!!! And I get to pay every month for this service too!

    So.....needless to say...I call today wanting to know why this charge was declined yesterday and she responds 'I don't know...I don't have the details of that'...ummmm you're the freaking bank...you should.

    So....needless stupid crappy Wells Fargo has completely lost me as a customer. I am driving down to my school credit union today and moving over all my stuff. It's a complete PITA (setting up new direct deposit, setting up new bill pay) but I am so sick of having to fight with my bank to spend my hard earned money!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for letting me rant...I am just so upset this morning! Great way to start the day!
  2. yep your bank sucks LOL

    if it makes you feel any better I was turned away from a bank for trying to make a deposit...um hello, your a bank isn't this where I'm supposed to store money
  3. with you on this one ! i have my current account and credit card in the same bank and if i transfer the funds from the account to the card i cant use them for at least another 24 hours, even though the money is gone and its all within the bank :cursing:...and they charge over the top for everything soon the will charge you for passing nearby ! when my credit union starts doing current accounts i am moving there first thing ! :tup:
  4. almost all banks have a daily spending limit with your debit card. think of it as being more for you protection. you don't want someone stealing you debit card and going on a wild shopping spree do you?

    almost all banks have those "hidden" fees. no they aren't going to go over all of them with you when you sign up. that's what the little informational book they give you is for. so they don't have to tell you. they don't give you all that paper work for nothing! the majority of the public doesnt have the need to do a ton of transfers or spend that amount of money multiple days in a row. if they do then they usually know the fees associated with it.

    my little rant about wells fargo... when you goto a non-wells fargo atm the atm charges you AND wells fargo charges you. that kinda sucked the first couple of times i did it without not knowing. but now i have enough money in wells fargos accounts that i don't have to worry about it.
  5. I am sorry you had such a hard time twiggers-but, everything you posted about is pretty standard banking stuff/charges. And, yes, all banks need your account number when you call them.

    Again, sorry about the hard times there
  6. What a PIA! I would def, switch banks! Some have their 'hidden' charges, but not that many. I have 2 banks, and a couple of accounts at each. Years ago, my friend did that and I couldn't understand...now I do, it helps to keep my life orginized and solves some of that limit thing.

    I hope you get it straightened out :smile:
  7. You might want to check some of the federal regs around the transfering of funds between savings and checking, as the ones they are telling you about are federal regs, not just bank rules. I have WF and have that hit me a few times, but they are just enforcing the regulations, not making them. That said, give it time to work out, I have had WF for a long time with no problems.
  8. Ugh, Wells Fargo, I know them all too well ... when I first moved to SF the 2 big banks were Wells Fargo and Bank of America. So if you wanted accessible ATMs you really had to choose one or the other. I went with WF because of trouble I had with B of A.

    DH and I affectionately (NOT!) call Wells Fargo another name -- "Wells Charge-oh." Somehow it makes us feel better. I have also called them the Antichrist (sorry, don't mean to offend anyone here) when I have had trouble with them. Yes, they are notorious for their service fees. I have been able to get around most of them by having direct deposit and keeping a minimum of $300 in my savings account.

    But I have also gotten "dinged" for transferring too much too, so I feel your pain. Sorry to hear about it, but at least you know you're not alone!
  9. Agreed. I'm sorry you've had such a problem...I've had issues with other banks and know now frustrating it is.

    Unfortunately as others have said, all debit cards I'm aware of have daily limits for purchases, the only so many transfers between savings and checking is a federal regulation (and all they say after the charge is they have the right to convert your account from a savings account to a checking account if it happens so many time in a year), and of course they need your account number to verify its really YOU they are talking to.

    Again, though, I know it sucks when you get all worked up and are having a lot of issues...I went through it for 2 months when I opened a BofA account...which I finally closed down...I walked across the street to Wells Fargo and have now been with them 4 years even though I've moved and they don't even have a wells by me. AND I have my mortage through them too.
  10. whoa sounds like you're having similar problems as i am except im a BOFA customer. our bank sucks we should move on over to wamu or something.
  11. No I know banks needs an account number...but the number on the debit card + my social security number _+ my full address + my mother's maiden name + my telephone number + my husband's mother's maiden name....should have been enough.

    Oh and to top it off today...an hour after I purchased I tried to buy a Pepsi for a dollar and it was declined. I called them and they said I had a fraud hold on my account. Ummm why didn't the woman (who I explicitly asked if something was wrong with my account) tell me that in the first place? They claimed it was because of a $200 deposit to an online poker site on Sunday...yet they allowed a $1300 paypal charge go through and then they shut the account down.

    Oh and Wells Fargo (I found out) is the only bank who places such a low limit on debit card purchases (when you use them as a CC) if a limit at all. It's not for my protection...it is for theirs. I am 100% covered by their policies...so they are covering their butt for fraud...not mine.

    Fortunately, I opened an account today that gives me everything Wells Fargo did (free checks, free travellers checks, free cashiers checks, free online banking) for free. PLUS no fees for using non-bank ATMs...no minimum balance required in the checking account (Wells Fargo did or they charged a monthly fee). And no foreign currency conversion fees (which is great because we go to Canada all the time).
    Oh and no daily spending limit fee and higher ATM withdrawal amounts per day.
    Oh and the rewards program I have with Wells Fargo (1 point for every $4 for $29 a year) ...I get it for free and 1 pt. for every $3 on the debit card.

    Oh and the best is that it is associated with my school...so there are TONS of ATMs on campus and an actual branch on campus.

    So all those fees and charges...not banking standards because I found several banks who do not charge all the fees.

    This was all really important to me because my bank account is everything...I don't like to use CCs for anything and I refuse to really carry any substantial amount of cash on me! I like to just use my bank account for everything.
  12. I dislike Wells Fargo in general. I found that they would always charge me fees for things that to this day I don't know what they were charging me for. Also, I always wrote everything down when I made purchases or used a check but because of all the unnecessary fees, I could never keep track of my balance correctly. So I finally closed out the account one day and the manager was the one helping me that day. He was super rude, misspelled my name on the check, and refused to give me another one with the correct spelling. I was really upset after that but luckily the loan officer at my current bank already knew me from when I'd go in there with my mom. He set me up with everything correctly and I've been happy ever since. No random charges and the people there always tell me how to make more interest before I even get the chance to ask. :]
  13. Glad you got it sorted out!
  14. I've been banking with BofA forever and I've finally given up and told them to shove it. This all started when they messed up and tried to charge me overdraft fees. I shopped around and ended up choosing a credit union that has high rates and very customer friendly. Bye bye BOFA you can kiss it :supacool:
  15. I work for Wells Fargo and the system going down a couple weeks ago really messed things up for a while. Not only for the customers but I was about to get fired because the computer said my money was off by $2000 but thank god they got it sorted out, ahhh!

    And Wells Fargo is not the only bank that charges for moving the savings to checking or whatever. I think it's part of regulation D. and NOTHING is done over the phone, not even supposed to transfer funds over the phone unless it is the phone bank.

    Wells Fargo does have really high fees, but if you use your account right, you mostly won't get fees. If it's the bank's fault, they will reverse the fees. I feel that WF protects their customers more than other banks, for example you can sign up for 6 BofA ccs and charge, charge, charge but at Wells Fargo you can have only ONE and upgrade that one if you'd like, so you don't have multiple credit cards around.