A Random piece of Mail

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  1. Okay I normally don't strat threads but I had to share this , I got home from work today around five and got the mail out of the box , I noticed a little envelope addressed to my mother ,it looked like a party invatation , My mother doesn't mind me opening her non important mail so I decided to see what was in it . Well in the envelope there was a hand written letter in red ink on legal paper adressed to my mother . Well I read the letter and the person who I have never heard of before said that him and his iwfe wanted to buy our house !:confused1:
    Well first I am unsure how they got my moms name because she has no idea who they are and second who mails someone an offer for to buy thier house ? Our house is not for sale , it is a very unique house , there is not another house that looks anything like our house and since it is on a corner of two semi busy streets so a lot of people know what it looks like , but I have never known anyone to jsut send a letter asking to buy the house , i read it a couple of times just to make sure I was not seeing things ,

    but please share you opinions , is this weird or is it just me ? :wacko:
  2. Haha, it definitely IS wierd... how did he get your mother's name? I mean, the address part is easy since hes interested in the house, but you should ask you mom if she was propositioned by that mystery man for a large sum of money with interest in the house.... He could be offering millions... ya never know.. but def. ask your mom...

    Very strange indeed...
  3. Well she works at Home Depot and she is very talkative and friendly so maybe they saw her outside the house then saw her at HomeDeopt , I have no idea , I am going to ask her when she gets home about the type of weirdos she come in contace with
  4. I know an investor friend that did this a few times. Most real estate transactions are public record. The deeds are recorded at the courthouse in the county that the house is in. He probably went down there looked up the address and got her name.

    If my friend saw a house he had to had (because of the location, land, potential) he took a chance and wrote the owner. He actually bought a couple of housesthis way.
  5. Exactly! People can easily get the homeowners info & as you said its a UNIQUE house. Who knows maybe he & his wife have absoloutely fallen in love w/ it & are just taking a chance that your mom would be interested in selling!

    He probably sent a note as to not confront your Mom in oerson & maybe weird her out. Honestly, I wouldn't think anything of it. I am going to law school & plan on going into real estate law & people will definitely do things to get their hands on great property!
  6. It IS weird when you think about it, but definitely common, as others have said, we have gotten 2-3 of those at my house too and my parents usually just ignore it lol
  7. As word said, real estate records are public, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  8. I got an offer hanging on my door handle yesterday... lol, uhm if I wanted to sell my house there'd be a sign out front!
  9. Doesn't sound weird to me at all. It happens:smile:
  10. We've had people knock on our door and ask if our house is for sale. Random.
  11. This is a common occurrence!
    Also you can look up any piece of property on the white pages as long as their phone number is listed the resident's name appears. Stalkers paradise!
  12. Great now I have some note -writing stalker sending us notes about our house sweet !
  13. I work for a real estate developer and this is how he buys some of his property. He checks legal records online and they give the address and name of the current owner (along with how much the property tax for, how much they bought it for, how it is zoned and other stuff about the property). He pays a site for the information. All he does is send a letter so don't worry about being stalked. You also send a letter back or call and tell the person to take you off their list and they can't send you anything else.
  14. My parents get those letters about once every 2 weeks, don't worry
  15. Thanks I assumed it was not a stalker :blush:, it was just funny and out of the blue :roflmfao: