A Racoon at the Beach!

  1. Late yesterday evening I was siting down on my front lawn repotting some flowers and I saw a HUGE raccoon walk past me! He stopped and starred me down.:wtf:
    He was big! Much bigger than my cat...he was about the size of a medium sized dog. He looked kinda cute with his little black mask but I've heard that these critters can be really mean. I tossed a little dirt it's way and he scootted off.
    Has anyone encountered a raccoon before and are they really mean critters?
  2. We have raccoons too. They come out in the evenings to forage for food. I've been told that they're only mean if they're cornered, but I've never been close enough to one to find that out first hand.
  3. Like most animals, they would rather flee than have to deal with you. They have been kept as pets too however, the wild ones can be very vicious. They have been known to disembowel a dog. They have sharp teeth and sharp claws. Always keep your animals indoors at night if you have these guys around. My poor doggie ran into one one night behind our hot tub and they started fighting (horrible loud noise!) I had to seperate them - got a little scratched up myself but there was no way I was going to let him take my dog down! They also can carry rabies and other diseases. Very cute, they serve a purpose in the environment, but best to leave them be.
  4. I've seen them around now and again, but I don't live anywhere near a beach, so I don't know if that's normal.

    I think they cary rabies so I'd stay clear of them!
  5. I just love raccoons. Ever since my dad told me a Native American tale about how they got their black "masks" on their faces... once upon a time, the raccoon climbed up a tree and tried to steal the moon because he thought it was something yummy to eat! So the spirits came down and branded him with a black mask so nature would know he is a theif.

    But I just adore them! So cute. I agree with bagsnshoos, as scared as we may be of animals (spiders, raccoons, etc.), they are much more scared of us. After all, look at what we've done to most of their habitats.
  6. Aww. That legend is adorable. :heart:
    Thanks for sharing.:tup:
  7. My parents have lots of them in the woods in back of their house. They will come into the yard and pull down the bird feeders so they can eat the seeds! My mom started taking the feeders inside at night, but the smart little critters realized this and started coming out during the day! They are cute but will generally run off if a human is near.
  8. I've seen them on beaches in my area, and we used to have them in our yards. Overall they stay out of sight and don't bother anyone, if they see you, just let them be, no need to bother them, they won't just out of the blue usually become aggressive with a human... unless they're ill. If you see them out in daylight, that is also usually a sign that they may be ill. If you have pets, keep them inside or supervised outside if you know that you have raccoons near you. Overall, they're harmless and your biggest problem with them is them tipping your trashcans to get out scraps of food!