A Quickie in Paris and one more back home

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  1. i'm about to fall asleep at my desktop at the moment...so i thought a spot of TPF would wake me up :smile:

    thanks for your lovely comments
    peppers90, VickyB, pamella, miss_white_lily, valencia, emma4646, boo1689, Felle_84, robee, Celia_Hish, Sammyjoe, Jadeite, ryomat, doloresmia, Phédre
  2. Congrats, loves!
    Your DH is so sweet to bring home orange boxes for you :biggrin:
  3. If and when I get a DH, MrsS, I am sending him to you and MrSparkles for training! :P
  4. Beautiful goodies, Loves!! I'm crazy about enamels, and that's a beauty.
  5. Gorgy! Congrats!
  6. Lovely new purchases, loves! Am sure you enjoyed the quickies.

  7. i better send my DH for training, and it has to be H orange boxes, not just any orange box. :yahoo:
  8. congratulations.. loving the H bracelet, wallet and lindy...
    Sweet of ur DH to surprise u.. :smile:
  9. Such a lovely DH for surprising you with those beautiful gifts. He has great taste all the items are lovely!
  10. Syma, cookielicious23, robee, Queenie, LVKeepallfan, LBurke9915 and pyrexia Thank you! Am enjoying my new stuff very much today :smile:
  11. Yay! You finally got your Kelly wallet! Great color! Very sweet of your DH to place the box next to you!! *melt* Enjoy your new H-items!
  12. j0s1e267 thanks and yes finally! i'm very happy with my new presents :smile:
    i think your DH is very sweet to you too!
  13. Lovely presents from DH, lucky lucky you.....CONGRATULATIONS!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  14. seeing this again, she is lovely. Why is there a voice telling me "hey, i think you need a new wallet" :graucho:
  15. LibraDiamonds thank you!

    robee you're hearing voices now? :roflmfao: