A Quickie in Paris and one more back home

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  1. Lovely bracelet! What a sweet surprise!
  2. love love love the elephant enamel and the prune!
  3. Oh! You husband is sooo sweet~~

    Very pretty bracelet! and the wallet...yummy!
  4. loves, what an immensely satisfying "quickie"! LOL. :ps:

    Absolutely stunning pressies, I especially adore the Kelly wallet, have been after one for a few months myself. Congrats!
  5. Congrats, gorgeous purchases!!~
  6. Congrats!! You have a wonderful DH, loving your lindy and kelly wallet!!
  7. your DH is so sweet! good choice in the presents;) they are lovely
  8. How sweet was the gesture! You're one lucky lady, with such a doting DH =)
  9. What a wonderful way to wake up!! DH is such a sweetheart~~ Congrats on your new enamel bangle and your new kelly wallet! your wallet is perfect with your Lindy! :yahoo:
  10. Congrats!:dothewave::dothewave:I love your enamel! What a lovely Kelly wallet,how sweet of your DH!
  11. loves - Congratulations on your receiving your lovely gifts and on having such a thoughtful DH. Enjoy!!
  12. Such lovely gifts!! Congrats!!
  13. :yaho
    Your DH is an absolute prince! How sweet of him to put them on your
    pillow. You are the princess! Beautiful bracelet and Kelly Wallet!
  14. Congrats!
  15. What a beautiful enamel! I think the bracelets are just as addicting at the handbags. And, I love your Quetsche~ Nice quetsche quickie!!