A Quickie in Paris and one more back home

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  1. Love them both! And that DH of yours is an absolute sweetheart. Leaving the bracelet there for when you wake up...adorable!
  2. Lucky you! I'm sure you deserve it :yahoo:

    The enamel is beautiful, and of course your DH is lucky enough to have you think of him each time you wear it. Enjoy! :smile:
  3. AuthenticLux and hypoxia many thanks!
  4. Congratulations, loves!

    We must teach tpf DHs to bring home Orange boxes. You have taught yours well!
  5. Loves what a wonderful DH you have!! The enamel bracelet is gorgeous and I am totally drooling over your wallet and lindy!!! Congratulations!!
  6. a huge congrats, loves! great gifts from your great husband! enjoy them in good health & happiness!
  7. Absolutely! I'd like to second that.

    Congratulations to you. These are lovely lovely gifts.
  8. ^^ I so third that!!

    Congraulations loves - what marvelous quickies!!!
  9. loves don't we love it when the DH comes home bearing gifts? More so those bearing H and orange hue. DH has good taste indeed. And the Kelly wallet is gorgeous!
  10. mrssparkles, fendibbag, baileylab great to hear from you, i hope you sorted out your popped stitch mess, edelzee, bagmad73 thank you very much!
  11. Congrats, they are absolutely fab!
  12. what a wonderful DH you have =) i love your new wallet and bangle! Thanks for sharing
  13. Your DH certainly knows your style -- very chic choices! I would love a kelly wallet.
  14. thank you! yes i love it when he comes home with gifts although i'm quite happy he's just back home to me, safe and sound :smooch:

    ladyhermes, galex101404, lulilu thank you ladies :flowers:

    thanks for letting me share, it's bedtime for me, g'nite all
  15. what a lovely DH, congrats Loves on your gorgy new goodies. Enjoy them in best health!