a quickie collection pic

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. nice collection, thanks for sharing
  3. Wow! That's a huge collection. I really like your cobolt Sabrina. I was eyeballing those for a while myself. Very nice!
  4. very very nice collection
  5. You have such a beautiful collection!!!!
  6. nice! I am afraid to take everything out and do a family pic:nuts:
  7. Wowza!
  8. very nice collection!!!
  9. Holy Moly.....Wonderful collection you have there Inch!
    I was thinking the whole time I was scanning my eyes over everything, "Wow, she's got a lot of patience to take everything out, lay it out just so, and then she's got to put it all back again"!!! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us!!
  10. wow,,,love it all, and the LV!!!!!!!
  11. Wow what a great collection!
  12. That's an awesome collection! Totally TDF! I love it all!!!! Congratulations!
  13. geeeeezzz...that is a HUGE collection! that is probably close to what my mine looks like! i dread doing a collection picture because i just don't think i have the patience
  14. zomg d! when i saw the subject line i gasped outloud LOL love everything i want to live with you and your accessories!!!!
  15. the graphite sabrina and red peyton really steal the show... loving the black and silver poppy so much!!!!