a quick Saturday reveal

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  1. Good weekend to all!
    Just got my parcel delivered and cannot say how excited I am! I've wanted one of similar military square tag pendant for a while, but couldn't find MINE, and just a few days ago found this one, most probably left-over from the old stock, but yet brand new with the box and price tag, so my hunt and wait is over!

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  2. Look on top of a white T, how I love it!!!

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  3. It's beautiful! Congrats on finding it.
  4. That's really cool! Enjoy.
  5. That's beautiful! Love the clasp.
  6. Thank you!
  7. I love it, too, I am going to move down and wear it close to the pendant
  8. So pretty!
  9. Congrats :flowers:
    It's nice to finally get something you've been looking for.
  10. Very nice, love it!!
  11. Pretty pieces! Your collection is growing!
  12. It is indeed!

  13. Nice BV jewelry additions to your collection. Enjoy!
  14. It there a second plain silver tag at the back? Are you going to have it engraved?
  15. Yes, there's one, i am thinking of it, but not yet decided. There's a "Bottega Veneta" and "made in Italy" lines on the plain one, at the back