A Quick Reveal!!

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  1. #1 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    I'm not one to beat about the bush and I don't have much time, so this will be a very fast reveal!
    I love the Cecilias with the fabric strap because I just can't do gold chains (tried it with the small grey Cecilia).

    So I present to you my lucky find, from a sweet tpfer with super fast shipping:
    large Cecilia in Sapphire!!

    This is one of MJ's best blues, to me. A really rich and deep royal blue! (pic is without flash to show you the rich color)

    For modeling shots, I defer you to grace7's wonderful ones:

    And for a more teasing reveal:

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  2. #2 Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    Last fall I was also lucky enough to get another Cecilia with a fabric strap from another super-duper tpfer.
    Here you can see the size comparison between the large Sapphire and small Papaya.

    I never noticed before that the zipper is on the opposite side, between the two sizes. Also I thought the shoulder drop would be bigger on the large size, but it is not. Thank goodness for the comfy shoulder strap.

    And that's it! Enjoy!

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  3. :woohoo: it looks amazing!!! more pics more pics!!
  4. OH ROO! It's GORGEOUS!!

    You totally deserve that baby. It's been a long time coming :biggrin:

    Man, that Sapphire is amazing! Congrats!
  5. roo, isn't the canvas shoulder strap user friendly? It's so comfortable to wear. She looks beautiful next to the papaya!
  6. Very nice, I love the Cecilia and that Sapphire is beautiful! :heart::heart::heart: Congrats!

    And I agree, we need to see more pics and if possible, modeling pics too.
  7. Wow Roo, that color is absolutely phenomenal! The MJ blue family is something out of painting or something! GORGEOUS and congrats on finding a comfy bag for yourself =)
  8. You are so cute Roomommy--linking us to posts of other tPF'ers' bags. Thank you for posting! Congrats on the sapphire bag--the color looks great.
  9. oh roo, what a beautiful blue! It looks like the perfect bag for you!

    (do you like my poem?) Congratulations!!
  10. roo! i love it! sapphire and papaya are my favorite colors for the cecilia. congrats! beautiful poem, s. you're our resident emily dickinson fo sho. ;)
  11. bag twins!! :wlae:
    congrats roo.. sapphire definitely one of the mj colors of all time!
  12. Thanks everybody! And thanks to you two ladies who sent your Cecilias my way!

    Sorry Jun and Xi, no more pics coming for now because I'm trying to save room on the server for Jun's next Awesome New Bag Super Duper Special Reveal (it's coming soon and as always it's going to be extra creative, I can tell).:graucho:

    SarahP, you are the poet for me. It's only your rhyme that gets me every time.
  13. ooh i've never seen a cecilia in that colour before. it's gorgeous! congrats
  14. Congrats to your Cecilias - they are adorable!
  15. congrats on your new cecilia.. the colour is amazing :drool: