a quick reveal!

  1. so glad to find her standing there waiting for me to bring her home...can;t believe it - in Jakarta H store !!!

    i carried her right away!

    here's a pic of her sitting happily in the cab .... enjoying the attention.
  2. so pretty! what are the specs? CONGRATS!
  3. Very pretty:heart: Wear her in good health
  4. Whoa, stunning Kelly!!! Congratulations and best wishes!!
  5. Congratulations. Wear your lovely bag in good health.
  6. Wow gem! You are on the roll!! CONGRATS!!
  7. Oh, mercy! Looks like a case of love at first sight!
  8. Gorgeous, congrats Gem!
  9. OMG! That's a gorgeous Kelly!!! Congratulations!!!
  10. I love that shade of green. It is so elegant. Enjoy!
  11. Spectacular! What type of leather is this? Is it box? Congrats...

  12. Wow!!! gorgeous!!!!!
  13. Gem, pics finally! Congratulations again!!! :wlae:

    This is Tundra box sellier 28cm PHW.
  14. Absolutely lovely, gem. You're certainly on the roll!

    Toundra Box is really gorgeous!

    Wear her in good health!
  15. Congrats :yahoo: !!!
    I saw her big sister (32) at FSH yesterday !!!
    Box is gorgeous in this color !!!