A quick reveal (the spoof)

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  1. A couple of weeks ago, my friend and her DH gave me a beautiful vermillion 30 birkin in chevre mysore with GHW. :love:

    In return, I decided to give her DD something special too.

    Here it is:



    Any guesses? :wlae:

    IMG_2252.JPG IMG_2250.JPG
  2. :yahoo: Here's a little more:

  3. No guesses, but wow - what a friend!
  4. I'm really am trying but so far stumped:confused1:
  5. Aha, I am guessing a homemade kelly using the nifty new website?
  6. Oh wow! That is the most generous gift, what a sweet friend! Cannot wait to see what you got for her daughter!!!
  7. olive519, you're right! :tup:

    Since i don't like long reveals, here she is:


    10 bi-color kelly sellier in bleu jean & white.

  8. That is so sweet!
  9. Oh that is so wonderful and sweet!!!
  10. how adorable!
  11. I love the hardware. Hermes has the best craftsmanship. :heart:

  12. :P more in 15 minutes. :shame:
  13. How ADORABLE is this?! AW! She's going to love it!
  14. That is adorable...!
  15. Wow, that is so cute and unique.:tup: