A quick reveal: Paprika Katarina


Feb 26, 2011
Tacoma, WA
I know this bag has been revealed here already, but someone in another thread was asking me to post pictures.

I originally did a reveal of my PCE w/ the Navy Abigail and Cherry Hailey. As much as I loved the Hailey, I just wasn't feeling the cherry color in real life. Online it looked much more red and in person it was too orange-y for me. I just wasn't in love. I was going to return it and just be satified with my Navy Abigail (which I moved into right away) until I was at the mall and saw the Katarina in paprika. Oh my-lanta what a gorgeous bag!! I truly fell in love immediately. Came back to the store the next day, returned my Hailey and bought the Katarina and didn't look back. I'm so in love with this bag, it just may be my HG! The color is amazing. I have the Audrey tote in lagoon and it reminds me of that bag as far as how they've made the color kind of "marbled." (or as the website calls it "the highs and lows of color")

(These were taken with my iPhone and my mirror really needs to be cleaned! lol oh and I had just finished my workout... sorry!)



Sep 22, 2011
Love this bag. It is so deceptively large. What do you think about that patent ? If the champagne dose not work out I might get the grey patent.


Jun 17, 2007
I purchased this bag on Sunday with my PCE. I had no intentions of buying another bag but this color just grabbed at me. I am not a patent person it seems like many of the Coach patent's are so stiff they feel like plastic but not this one it is as soft as the regular leather. It is such a unique color not orange not red a great pop of color. It does look great on you. I love how light weight it is and the way it slouches. I haven't taken her out yet not sure when yet.
May 9, 2010
Wow! This bag looks great on you! I love the slouch and the color--just can't go wrong there. I saw this bag irl over the weekend and I love the texture of the patent. And the slouch when you are wearing it...tdf!! Congrats :smile: