A quick reveal!! No popcorn needed!!

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  1. I've wanted this for the longest time, but thought it was pricey for a silver bracelet. I just got a great deal on this pre-owned one, and I love it!! :yahoo:

    Sangles double-tour bracelet, silver w/barenia:


    My camera's batteries ran down, so I had to take modeling pics with my iMac.

    Can also be worn two ways as a choker!!!

  2. OMG! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!
  3. Very pretty!! Congrats HNN!!!
  4. So beautiful!!!! :woohoo: Congrats!
  5. LOVE this.. (especially the necklace look)

    (and HN - THANK YOU for the no popcorn needed reveal ;) )
  6. HNN, I saw you whistle on that in the "Finds" thread - well done!
  7. Just love it, Nutty, and I've wanted it for the longest time too (but I'm happy you found one and at a great price too - lucky, lucky, Hermes Nutty!)
  8. Gorgeous!!! As a bracelet as well as a necklace, congrats!
  9. Really cool! Thanks for the popcornless reveal !:biggrin:
  10. Lovely, HN!! I never thought about it as a choker! I may have to look into this bracelet again.
  11. Love it and the many ways to wear it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. congrats on your new item........... I do not know what to call it, as it seems to be so versaltile......... Excelent buy...........
  13. I need to stay away from tPF. Just when my wish list is under control , something wonderful appears. Love it!!
  14. what a great find - it looks amazing on you!!

  15. congrats!!! that is really stunning and i saw you pick it up on ebay what a great find!!!