A quick reveal anyone ?

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  1. If you read my previous post you might remember that I asked DH to pick up anything Chanel he could find at the airport
    There weren't any classics so I told him to just forget it, I will go in store when I am in Paris...

    But he came with a little something anyway, so here we go
  2. How nice of him :smile:
  3. Oops! Forgot to attach the pictures

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  4. Here!!! #wheresthepopcorn
  5. WOC

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  6. Here here. :smile:
  7. here!!!!
  8. Here!
  9. Cmoooon
  10. Here we go
    Actually I dont know if I really like it

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  11. What makes you say that? Is it the color, the chevron, size?
  12. I really love the color.

    What don't you like about it?
  13. A little bit of each. If it was a CF in the exact same color I would love it. If it was a WOC in black it would also be fine but WOC+color+lambskin, dont know if its a good combo.
    A WOC is supposed to be an everyday bag, I mean to run errand. But this color will be really hard to match...
  14. So pretty. Congrats !
  15. I think the chevron is beautiful and the color can be very versatile and worn with any neutrals as well as colors. Enjoy your beautiful new WOC.