A quick reveal and a color question

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  1. Hello fellow h lovers. I stared with small h items when I first joined the forum. For some reasons, did not really pick up any interests then. Stopped for a couple of years on h items and went gaga over Chanel until it's crazy price increases. Then got my first big ticket item, a preloved BJ JPG from a fellow tPfer about 4 years ago. Then stopped for another couple of years. Lucky 2014 comes along and that's where my addiction caught on....though sticking mostly with bags with shoulder straps. I have been toying with a B, but never thought that I can pull it off until I saw this:


    Love the color at first sight and got to have it!
  2. The dilemma is I have no clue what the official color name is! And it's color changes under different lighting. It appears beige under bright sun light, with a very fait pink undertone. However, at the lighting condition in the interior, the bag almost look preaching/pink! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422404747.816767.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422404768.137795.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1422404786.138649.jpg

    The stamp is square E, and leather is clemence. according to the Japanese seller. I researched all over the forum, and am wondering if this can be rose- beige?

    I know there are lots of experts on this forum and would appreciate any help with the proper name of color?
  3. I don't know what the color is but it's so beautiful
  4. Congrats, such a lovely pale rose color...
  5. I'm thinking either Parchemin or Argile, but I'm no expert.
  6. tabac camel?
  7. Could be Beige Rosé. Consistent with the year stamp.
    If you could take a picture in natural daylight, not under direct sun rays, that would be very helpful to better determine color.

    Definitely not Parchemin or Argile that are recent colors.
  8. And the contrast stitching! Would like to know the colour of that too!
  9. Congrats!
  10. I believe that there is a colour called beige which is creamy with apricot pink undertones. It also has contrast stitching like yours and brown resin.

    The beige I have seen is E stamp so 2001. What is the date stamp on your beautiful bag?
  11. this color is named Rose Dragee, : )
  12. Rose Dragee is a real pale pink where this has a lot of cream in it.
  13. Beautiful, congrats!
  14. I looks a bit like Parchermin on my monitor.
  15. So, so pretty, congrats :smile:!!
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