A quick question about Hayden Harnett's TC mercer satchel...

  1. Just a quick one for all you HH boffins out there..

    I ordered a HH Mercer triple compartment satchel in 'Vintage Black' a few days ago.

    I really like the look of the coloured, patterned lining shown on most of the TC Mercers, but I noticed on the pic of the vintage black one, although the pic doesnt show the bag fully open, it seems to be a plain black lining.:sad:

    Do all the TC Mercer's come with coloured lining, or are some of them plain inside?

    I emailed HH with this question but I think I might get a quicker response here.

  2. some have the plain HH logo pattern and some have a print
  3. it might just be plain black if that's what the picture shows :hrmm: but I guess you won't find out until it arrives!

    I think the newer colors especially have the simple "hh" logo on the inside, which may look like a solid color in a small picture.
  4. It's probably going to be the HH logo print, which is very subtle and, as watertowers says, may look black in the picture. I also like the print lining. It's distinctive and fun! The logo lining is . . . grownup.