A quick question about customs charges for anyone in Europe.

  1. Does anyone know if I will be charged customs if I buy a bag from another European country?

    Im in the UK and Im thinking of buying a bag from German eBay. I have only bought bags from the USA before and have been hit hard by customs, but I think I read some where that there are no customs charges between European countries.

    Is that right?

    TIA :tup:
  2. There should be no customs charges within Europe, I will double check but I am 99.9 % sure.
  3. Fourth paragraph...
  4. has the ban been lifted? :roflmfao:
  5. :shame:....well if Im being honest, it has never really been on! hahahaa!

    Thanks for the info:tup:
  6. If you buy from any EU member state there is no import duty
  7. No,no fees from Germany to UK :nogood:
    There are custom fees from the Switzerland though :p