A quick outlet reveal!!!!

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  1. So I went to my outlet today, there was nothing that "pop" at me, but a did find this little cutie!!!!
    wanna see?
  2. I do!
  3. Me too..
  4. sure some eye candy.
  5. Yes my ATL Friend
  6. ooh, my first live reveal!
  7. OK, I can't believe this is at the outlet already!!!!!!
    $138, redline for $129.99, and i got it for only $51.99!!!!!!
    shut up!!!!!
  8. gorgeous! love that metallic, and the perfect size!
  9. Awesome, i love it
  10. And i looooooove the metallic shimmer!!!!!
  11. They had them in all the other colors too!!!!!! I really love the shimmer on the silver one!!!!
  12. Mine in teal is on HOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with a purple wristlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Sweet!!!!! my outlet did not have any of the wristlet.....your lucky!!!!

  14. I know you have more - bring it
  15. Hahaaa,I wish, BUT i did order a bag from JAX today!!!!!:biggrin: