Tech A quick ipad queston

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  1. Simple and to the point, what's the best way to watch TV shows and movies, mainly shows, on your iPad ? Thanks for any help.
  2. Netflix!!!!
  3. Netflix, Hulu+, CW app

    That's what I use....though for Netflix and Hulu+ youll need to have a membership to watch shows
  4. I guess you think it's worth having both memberships or you wouldn't have them. I assume Netflix is for movies and Hulu+ is for TV, right? I use to use regular Hulu on my laptop and the commercials use to drive me nuts, to pay for the service then have them would really drive me nuts, is this a problem? Also it was very hard to stop and start a show, lots of jumping around, do the shows run smoothly? Thanks for advice!
  5. Netflix or download them to your iPad.
  6. Well the monthly memberships for both are under $10 for each a month I believe. The commercials on Hulu+ is a annoying but we don't pay for any cable services. So I'm ok with it. It really depends on what you're wanting to watch on your iPad? Since we don't pay for cable I watch my Netflix/Hulu+ on my Xbox, iPad, and laptop.

    Netflix: mainly older tv shows, no commercials, lots of movies

    Hulu+: current tv shows, commercials, some movies, BUT some tv shows are WEB ONLY (meaning you have to watch on a computer)

    Plus side on both is that you can split the cost with a friend or family member? My brother pays for Hulu+ and I can watch it on my iPhone/iPad/Xbox/computer with his username and I pay for Netflix and he does the same.
  7. Very true. My sis and parents will bum off mine every once in a while. Nothing major, but they'll watch a documentary every now and then or a tv series etc. I've always wondered what the restrictions are (not at same time, only so many ip addresses etc), but so far haven't run into any problems.
  8. just to add brother lives about 15 min away from me and we'll both be on HULU+ at the same time and i havent had any problems with it. Think he even lets his friends use his account too. And sometimes i'll be at my moms house and my lil sister will be on Netflix on my ipad while my fiance is on Netflix at home on our Xbox.
  9. Love netflix! I catch up on "my shows" on my iphone when I'm getting my mani/pedi :smile:

    Question - If you have a netflix subscription (based in the US) can you still access their video library while you're overseas? I had issues watching youtube clips/tv shows (web-based, not internet) when I lived abroad because of licensing issues. The same for netflix?
  10. Netflix Instant stream.

    When I travel, I copy my netflix DVD's the night before to my computer then download it to my ipad and watch on the plane.
  11. They both come with free trials. Why don't you get both and see which one has more shows that interest you??