A quick "hello" :)

  1. Ladies, (and gents)
    it's been a while since i've logged on and i just wanted to say hello and see how everyone is doing :yes: ...so for those of you who know me "hello!" and for those who don't "hello anyways!!!". to give you a brief update on what i've been doing for the past 6 months or so -- i've moved to Seoul, went back to work, met someone, broke up with that someone, and have been working my a** off ever since. sad to say that i haven't been able to do much purse shopping since i've been here, although i recently was in Barcelona & Paris on business and picked up a small something ;) .

    well... gotta go (back to work of course). hope to talk to everyone soon! (i'll try... really! :shame: )
  2. Hi :smile:
  3. hey, welcome back!! :biggrin:
  4. Hi!! Glad to have you back!
  5. Hey Girl!!Welcome back!!!!!!Good to hear from ya!
  6. good to be back ;)
  7. Welcome back!:welcome: What do you do in Seoul? I'm from there.
  8. Welcome back!! :flowers:
  9. Nice to see you back!
  10. welcome back!!! :welcome:
  11. hello ! welcome back !
  12. welcome back :biggrin:
  13. Thanks for popping in.... Welcome back.