A quick Classic Q instant reveal

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  1. Lil Ukita in black!!!

    Picked up the bag today at Bloomies for Friends and Family at 20% off :smile: I was happy with the leather on this one. The pebbles seems to be pretty even all over!

    What does everyone think of this style?


  2. can't go wrong with a ukita satchel!!!
    its so classic and goes well with everything
    congrats on your bargin!!!
  3. Very cute! I love the Ukita!
  4. such a classic bag. on my wishlist.
  5. very cute! i really like this style.
  6. I love it! I really want the bigger sized utika
  7. Beautiful bag! Congrats:biggrin:
  8. Beautiful! When I first saw the lil Ukita in a store last year, I wasn't interested in it all, I didn't like the shape. But I was so wrong, the shape and style of this one is perfect, extremely functional! After buying my first one 3wks ago, I want more in other colors now :graucho:
  9. Do you find that you use the longer strap more than the shorter? Or vice versa?
  10. Love this. I have the Little Ukita in Smoke and is my fave bag right now. I'm also contemplating getting the bigger size.
  11. Lovely!! Congrats!!
  12. @starbrite - Yes actually, I do find I've been using the longer strap as a crossbody most often! Probably because I've been running around doing errands with all my kiddies alot lately, so it's the easiest for me -hands free. But I love the short strap alot as well, it is helpful when I just want to grab my bag quickly and pull somethin out, or sling it over my arm and take it with me. I also love how it looks slung over the shoulder with the short strap, and sometimes have used it like that as well. I wonder how it would look with the long strap off, and use only the shorter strap....hmmm...
  13. So cute!! Congrats! :smile:
  14. Very nice! Love it. Congrats & enjoy!
  15. Such a pretty bag, congrats! :smile: I want one now... :P