a quick "bonjour" from Paris

  1. Bonjour all from paris where I am spending a few days on holidays, and I just wanted to report my LV shopping trip.
    A lot of real LV spotting , many many many mono speedys on young posh girls and also more mature women, also some pearl vernis and damier speedy and MC Aurelia.
    I went to LV Galeries Lafayette first to look for Stephane, unfortunately he wasn't there -quite unlucky- The shop was sooo busy, it's crazy. mainly asian and arabian tourists. I was very satisfied with the service as I asked them to replace a strap with a deffect, and since the bag was purchased several months before and worn (2 times) they had to call the manager, who was very professional and replaced it.
    2 chinese girls also wanted to photograph me, they said "you're a beautiful girl" awww thanks, maybe I was the typical French girl I don't know !! lol -had to go outside the shop to do that, having in mind the Parisian campaign : "Parisians be nice with tourists" so...-
    Then I went to Saint Germain to get a more peaceful buying experience, as only regular customers know that shop. So I tried on damier speedy and papillon 30, and bought the papillon !!! I asked to see 2 to check carefully for deffects, the SA said they are handmade, so prone to imperfections, but I got a box, the brochures (shoes for men and women, azur, and fall, scans will follow !!) and of course I insisted for them to tell their management about the non existant, horrendous service in Denmark. The 4 SAs and manager I talked to were absolutely lovely.
    Also one of the LV factories, in Asnieres, outskirts of Paris, is open for public to visit so you, true LV fans, should go there !!
    That's it, I will take photos when back home, have nice holidays gals !!
  2. THERE IS A FACTORY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC? oh man that would be one of the best vacations ever...I would love to go there!
  3. What an exciting post to read! Thank you for getting in touch with us. Your post is better than a post card!! Thanks. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I so wish I were on holiday! Have a great rest of your trip. I am looking forward to your pics.
  4. what there is a LV factory open to the public? WOW I wish I could take the next plane ride out! I want to go.
  5. Oh wow sounds amazing!
    Have fun !
    Can't wait to see some pictures,
    I would love to go inside one of the LV factories!
  6. wow that sounds great and the Factory open to the public :nuts: OMG Im gunna have to book for Paris next year, I *think* I will be going with college but not too sure and If I do, I doubt they will take us to LV factory, How amazing ! Thanks for letting us know
  7. Wow- congrats on the Papillon!

    LV Factory....... how nice!
  8. Sounds like you are having an amazing time! Thanks for your post!
  9. Thank you -miss you-!! Sure that factory should be part of the "LV tour" after the flagship store !
  10. thanks for the update....there's nothing more fun than buying LV in Paris....
  11. Hope you're having a great holiday, I loved reading about your LV experiences.
    Would just love to see that LV factory, oh well, maybe I will win the Lotto.:p
  12. Wow, I certainly want to visit that factory! Thanks for the splendid update!
  13. BONJOUR!! CA VA?

    glad to hear you had such a great time! the service must have been :tup::tup::tup::tup:!!!

    i can't wait to go to the LV factory! my europe vacation should be here.....soon!
  14. Thanks for sharing!! I am going to Paris in October...can't wait to see the factory! OMG!!!!
  15. Ahh... so that's what the date code prefix letters, AS, stand for! :tup:

    Thanks for filling us in with your trip to some of the LV's in Paris! I hope you're having a blast. I can't wait to see pics! :nuts: