a questions for vietnamese...or asians in general...

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  1. i'm wondering if this is a cultural thing- i've been a loyal customer to two nail salons in the past five years (one does a great manicure and the other does an unreal pedi...annnyway)
    both places have vietnamese workers, and i've noticed that no matter how many people are in the salon getting their nails done, no matter how loud the tv or music is, the workers talk to one another at SUCH a low volume. i have no idea how they hear one another- it is like they whisper to one another, and dont even turn around so the other can kind of read their lips (like if i'm whispering or mouthing something to someone across the room, i generally try to enunciate and turn to the person so they can kind of read my lips...) i wonder, is this just these people or is this common amongst vietnamese (or asians?)

    i'm hispanic, and i know that my family and all the other latino families i know, are suuuuper loud... so i was wondering if this was a cultural difference or is it just these two nail salons?
  2. Actually, up until about ten years ago, I used to get my hair done at this particular salon. One lady owned it and her sister worked with her, and they would talk under their breath ALL the time, in incredibly low, whispery voices and murmurs and mumbles. I used to wonder how they could understand each other. I mean, they would be discussing customers with each other as the person sat in one of their chairs--literally inches away! The sisters had a falling out, and the non-owner went to work in a different salon. I still go to her, and she talks to her coworkers there the same way, in low, barely audible voices.

    Maybe it's salon culture and not an ethnic thing, since these sisters were black, and since the one lady's new coworkers are black and white.

    I went to get my toes "did" today, and I didn't notice any murmuring among the women who were working there (they were Vietnamese as well, I believe). They seemed to talk in regular voice levels. Furthermore, my husband's Latino and he and his family don't seem to be any louder than anyone else.

  3. hmmm yeah maybe salon culture....tho my mom is a hair stylist and she can't hear low voices...idk

    i really didn't mean to try to make it a racial thing, i hope no one takes it that way- i just realized thats how it may come across.... :heart:
  4. i think they might be speaking quietly out of respect. i personally think it would be pretty annoying if they were talking loudly while you are sitting there getting your nails done.
  5. I never notice the nail ladies talking in a low voice, however, I am Vietnamese and I can assure you they are talking about their customers, lol! Even myself.. no one ever guesses that I am Vietnamese so sometimes they talk a little trash when I walk in... and then they're super embarassed when I leave and thank them in Vietnamese.
  6. ^^ hehe, that's too cute :smile: i do the same when i hear people speaking spanish around me (usually guys being gross) ... and i tell them how it is in spanish and watch the shock on their faces ;)

  7. OMG!! that's exactly me too!

    and then when you thank them in Vietnamese they're all shocked.

    well that, and depending on what kind of things were said, i'll adjust my tip accordingly.
  8. From my experience, I've always felt Vietnamese people tend to be liberal with their volume, but I guess it always depends. In your case, it may just be the salon culture as others have said.
  9. I have to ask...what types of things do the salon employees say about their customers?
  10. THis happens at all of the nail salons I go to! They have conversations at a barely audible level!! Maybe it's a So Cal thing... are you in so cal?
  11. My BFF is half Japanese and half white and jokes about how much more quiet/composed her Mom's side {Japanese} is.

  12. From what I've heard, whenever a customer is being difficult or has some weird request (like this one time, a group of teenage girls walked in and asked them to paint each fingernail a different color.. all the nail techs were trying to avoid them), then they'll probably talk about it.

    One time this lady made her 5 year old daughter get a manicure (and gel I think)..the little girl was pouting and didn't want the manicure. All the nail techs were staring and saying how wrong it was to force a kid to get her nails done.

    And of course, sometimes they'll just talk about a customer's outfit (this has happened to me a lot.. they like to look at shoes and bags).
  13. What is a BFF?

    I know a few that are quite loud but for the most part I understand the lower pitched tone that you are referring to.
  14. My biggest pet peeve is when they speak in another language while looking directly at me. It's SO incredibly uncomfortable and embarrassing. The language barrier doesn't stop me from reading the body language. I've yet to find a salon where that doesn't happen though... thus leaving my nails pretty neglected these days :crybaby:
  15. BFF = best friend forever