A questions for all male dog owners!

  1. Hi! I just got a puppy about a year ago. Well not really a puppy anymore. Anyways few months ago when I was playing with him I noticed his balls had little black speckles. I didn't think much of it. But just before, I noticed alot of it has actually turned into dark splotches on his balls. It's not rough or anything, it feels like any other part of his skin. I was just wondering if this is normal? He's very playful and acts very normal. Should I be worried?
  2. I think it's normal. Does he have darker spots on his body?? Mine had that pink belly and skin as a puppy but it got darker and he has some dark patches all over his body.
  3. I groom and see spots on dogs all the time. They can occur anywhere on the body, and are normal simple variations in skin pigment. Best bet however is to take it up with your vet if you are really concerned.
  4. ^^^I was going to write what asark wrote. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but ask your vet to put your mind at ease. all of our dogs have had spotted tummies and every other part!
  5. I also think that it's nothing to worry about--my two boys both have "freckles" in that same place, even though they are very light skinned and light-coated (golden retrievers).

    That being said, can I be nosy and ask why you haven't chosen to neuter a NY city dog? Even if you're not worried about him becoming aggressive as an unfixed male, some other dogs you may pass in close proximity could possibly become aggressive merely at the scent of an unneutered male. As you know, the city is full of all types--human AND animal. This happened to us in Central Park when our Jack was less than a year old, and the attacker was a pit bull. Jack ended up with nearly 60 stitches, and my husband ended up with a broken arm after the dog turned its attack on him. Our vet was standing right there when the attack occurred and later he said that the only explanation he could think of was that it happened because Jack was not neutered but had the scent of an adult male dog--the other dog took this as a threat, as the pit bull was also not neutered. Needless to say, we did neuter our dog as soon as his facial stitches healed.

    It's definitely something to consider--and I might also suggest checking with your vet to see if there are health reasons to neuter; opinons vary, but most vets I know recommend it as a prevention for certain cancers.
  6. Great question - and neutering will decrease the chances of various cancers, decrease the dog's want to mark every post, increase even temperment and help deter dominant and territorial behaviours.

    As Bob Barker says: "Have your pets spayed and neutered..."!!!
  7. Ours has little spots too that have grown and changed, but no one has ever said they were harmful at all.

    I have to vouch for improved temperament upon neutering as well. We had to have our boy neutered because he bit my husband in the face one day. (They were having a dominance argument.) Ever since then, he's been as sweet as pie, which makes me happy because it would have broke my heart to have to have put him down. :sad:
  8. Hi everyone just got back from vacation. Thanks for all the advice! We thought about having him neutered but just never really found the time. He's a very happy go lucky pup. Charming, cute and very very lovable so his temperament has never really urged us to get him neutered. But as for health we are planning to have him neutered next week.

  9. That's the way our puppy was, so when he did bite, it was a big surprise. We've been planning on having kids (and at the time we hung around tons of families with little kids), so we didn't want what happened to DH to happen to any of them. Hence the impromptu neuter...literally, the incident happened one day and the next day he got them removed!

    Even so, I'm glad you guys are getting him neutered for health reasons. May your boy enjoy a long life! :smile:
  10. my puppy is now nearly a year old and he used to have completely pink belly and male parts but recently hes developed dark patches on all over this part of him, i think this is normal, they are still changing at this age.
  11. Our boy is not neutered yet either but we do plan on doing it soon. His balls have got lots of new colors on them too! LOL Except we can't really see them too well with all the fur!

    We decided to wait to neuter until after one year. The reason is that we've neutered too early in the past and had negative consequences for our other male dog. They do need their testosterone to develop proper male features and bone growth. But waiting too long can increase cancer risk.
  12. That is awesome news!! :party::party:
    Wishes of the speediest recovery and tons of love to your little charmer!!
  13. my little man hasnt been neutered yet and i dont plan on doing it, but i live in hampshire in the uk so maybe the problem is not so bad here.
    however hes nearly a year old now and and although hes a complete lovey dovey wally i have noticed that other dogs seem to be threatened by him, the only explaination is that he hasnt been neutered! i think its the instinct to fight and protect against other males!
    but my little harvey is good as gold he loves other dogs kids and adults.
    hes growing up lovely but a complete nut case as all jack russells are!!!