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  2. Thank you Liberte

    I am so glad I posted this here.This is becoming really interesting.

    My husband always felt that something as refined/exclusive as these great houses of fashion, great wine chateaux. etc, usually have an underlying cultural value. As my husband taught me, as far as great wine goes, it is not often not about what is in the bottle but rather the culture and traditions of the family living in the Château. Like I said, we know one family that goes back 7 generations and another that goes back 500 years. I agree with what you describe about where these cultures are going now.

    I cannot agree with you more about Moynat. A few years ago we did wander into this Paris store . The sales associate immediately went into a story about this company being started by some woman at the same time as LV and Goyard. As opposed to my initial experience at Goyard 17 years ago, it was obvious that this was a pre-rehearsed sales pitch. Was really turned off was the fact that she put on white gloves to handle the hand bags that she brought down to show us. How fake! We were out to dinner later with French people and they explained, as you know already, that this company is one of Arnaut's new toys.
    Interesting side story here-we were in Paris roughly 8 years ago and the big headline was that LVMH was in the process of buying Hermes. We were out to lunch in Paris with a friend who is extremely high up in the French system . He knows both Arnaud and the Hermes family and could not believe that Hermes would sell out to him. We were at a very unique restaurant in Paris which is sort of a switchboard for high level politics and intrigue. My friend knows the owner and asked her what is going on and the owner stated that Hermes publicized this news when they just discovered that LVMH had started a clandestine leveraged takeover of their company. When that failed, maybe that is when Arnaut started Moynot, I do not know

    I also cannot agree with you more about your perception of the direction that these luxury labels are taking. We once met one of the Kelly/Birkin bag craftsman for Hermes. He became quite disillusioned with the company and quit. Exactly as you said he is now hand making one of a kind hand bags on demand for select clientele. He showed us a few and they are absolutely stunning works of art. They really have nothing to do with being a hand bag at this artistic level.

    Let's keep this discussion going; it has transcended hand bag
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  3. This is a very interesting and thought provoking thread! I’m enjoying reading everyone’s responses with my Pinot Grigio[emoji6]

    I do not own any Goyard pieces but hope to someday! What draws me to Goyard, as someone mentioned before (so sorry to forget to @ you! But I’m drinking wine after all!) it does feel special! And anti-conglomerate which is unique in this day. However....the consistent scrutiny of the quality/craftsmanship of the St. Louis definitely is something to consider, although I know Goyard is much more than that.

    My next purchase is going to be from Chanel and then I plan on finding the perfect Goyard piece[emoji5]

    Would also love to see pics when you return!!!
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    Pinot Grigio!!!

    you are no longer welcome here.
    I expect you to be drinking at least Romanee Conti

    Personally I think the mystique/prestige of Goyard was probably acquired over 100 years of effort and actions this hard earned reputation now being used promote what they are currently selling. At the same time, I agree that it is still a classier operation than most of the other luxury labels.

    Will send pics next week. I cannot find any images of it on the internet to send you. I do not think it even had a name, it was the only handbag they made at that time (in 2 sizes)
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    here are the photos
    It is a classic design they were probably making for 20 years prior and would probably still be making if the company did not sell. The Chevrons are hand painted and raised

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  6. This is Jersey tote, a classic design of Maison Goyard. It comes with 2 sizes. Yours is PM size.

    Like many Goyard core models, the Jersey tote has details that are inspired from their archive collection. The top leather part is a reminiscent of their steamer luggages. The imprinted lines are also seen in their trunk pieces.

    I am not sure if Jersey has been discontinued but if it had indeed been discontinued, I would be most disappointed.
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  7. Thanks
    I didn't know my handbag even had a name. I looked up Jersey tote Goyard and basically nothing came up. I don't see any for sale in the secondary market. I know for a fact it is no longer being produced because I returned to the Goyard Paris store two years ago and the SA didn't even recognize it.

    This has been a very interesting discussion but I still don't have a good answer for my initial question "What did you find so desirable or attractive about the St. Louis bag to make you by it?
    Most of the posts here were negative about it and as you know, there are posts here about poor quality.
    To me it just doesn't seem like they're getting their money's worth in what is really such a cheaply made bag. The only answer anyone gave was that they like it because it's big. I'm sure you can find something just as big for way over $1000 less. The fact that no one else answered leads me to my own conclusion which is that they are buying this for the image,but I hate to be so cynical so it still like to hear from people out there bought the St. Louis.
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  8. Your Goyard bag is gorgeous!
    I wish I had purchased more pieces from when the gayardine was hand painted.
    Nonetheless the new goyardine is still very gorgeous and the way of painting it over the fabric is artisanal.
    I would like to know what kind of answer you want to get about the St Louis?
    The bag is a simple beach tote, with a removable pouch. I don’t think there is much to say about the design, I see it as an entry level bag into Goyard as a brand.
  9. It's all bout individual preferences and needs
    Beauty in the eyes of the beholder
    Everything has it pros and cons
    Nothing to debate about it
    I own 2 of those 5 and 3 years spam
    Still very happy with them
    No issue no problem
    My fuss free errand and traveling companion
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    Google "Goyard Jersey" and you will find images of the bag.

    I do not understand why you insist that you do not have "good" answer to your question, despite several users and fellow members sharing their view. I myself have provided my thought of the bag, including my personal obsession with goyardine canvas. Perhaps you just want people to agree with you that it is a cheap looking bag that looks like 50 bucks and people are buying it just because it is trendy to carry it?

    This shall be my last entry to this thread.

    By the way, whether the bag indeeds costs 50 bucks to make doesnt matter in the fashion/luxury world. Like many luxurious products, it is always about how people perceive the value and about demand vs supply. Never about cost.
  11. Alizhan
    Okay, I can see your point about my question

    In thinking about this more I think my issue is that I initially had a unique experience when I accidentally discovered Goyard while walking through the streets of Paris. As per both of our initial posts, this was a company I highly appreciated and respected.

    I was subsequently very disappointed with the company when I wandered into Barney's that day and saw these cheaply made St. Louis bags
  12. Yep, it was just discontinued when I purchased mine in November 2013 in the Paris boutique... 12 years later...
    I think mine is beautifully crafted despite being part of the collection that has been produced after the buy-out of the company, which has apparently sent it down the drain...

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  13. Prada prince

    I suspect yours was handmade too by one of those original 9 people- It took the owners a few years to "re tool " the company
  14. I... I can’t even... Oy vey, never mind. Time to dis-engage.
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